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Discussion in 'Car Subwoofers' started by bunk, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    Hey boys.

    Im new to the boards and been readn around.
    I dont know much about stereo equiptment, I got about 1000$ to spend and Im looking for a really good sound system that will pump some good beats. If you know of any good setup for under a 1000$ or 2-300$ over is fine, please post.:cool:
  2. Hautewheeler

    Hautewheeler Full Member

    bunk, we all can help more if you answer a few questions.
    your price range is pretty good.. we can offer lots of suggestions..

    here's what we need to know:

    what kind of music do you listen to (ICP, I gather:cool: ), anything else?

    what kind of features are important to you? lots of options, or user friendliness?

    what kind of vehicle are we talking about?

    do you have any brands that you are particularly fond of/ not fond of?

    are you any good at doing stuff yourself, or are you looking for something "turnkey"

    please answer the questionaire and I'm sure we'll have some suggestions on the way soon..
  3. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    hey hautewheeler

    Alright well I like to listen to tunes that have alotta bass to them, ICP is great, along with Atmosphere, 2pac, and much much more as you guys must know.

    I dont have to worry about people around me because loud stereo's are pretty common in my area.

    Im perfectly capable of doing stuff my self. Im going to either be driving a ford or a blazer. A couple of my buddys have blazers with good sound systems that pump.

    Im pretty fond of Fusion and Eclipse, but Im pretty sure those are far out of my price range.

    Much love for the help haute.
  4. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

    we also need to know what you need for that $1000

    Im assuming you need a Head Unit, Front speakers, Subwoofer, Amp for Sub, Amp for fronts, RCA's, amp wiring.... is this right?

    Im assuming you want a subwoofer(s).... how much trunk space do you want to give up? Do you have any space/size limitations?

    Can you build your own box if we give you relatively thourough instructions? (do you have access to tools and such?)

    Do you plan on putting the speakers in the same places as stock? If so what size are your stock speakers (or at least give us make model and year so we can look it up).

    Im assuming you dont mind purchasing online? Are you opposed to ebay if the seller has large amount of good feedback?
  5. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    Hey space, I dont mind purchasing online.

    Yah Im looking for pretty much everything, amp, sub, speakers for truck, wiring, RCA's, headunit.

    I dont care how much room this takes up and I am able to make my own box, if it exceeds my limits then I will order one, possibly a nice one if I have some good cash left over I wont do any work :) other then wiring.

    Yah the speakers are going to be replaced with the stocks.

    I dont exactly have a vehicle at the moment , 2 weeks and I will. Ive had my eye on my friends blazer, I will get the year and get back to you. There is a sever problem with his blazer though, I have no idea what it is but when it gets too hot it wont start, and he told me you need to buy the piece for it and it could be expensive, is this true? do you guys know anything about that piece?
  6. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    my top 3 reccomendations for each thing (going from lest to best)
    HU go Clairon Pioneer Alpine
    Amps go Kicker JL Audio US Amp
    Subs go Rockford Fosgate Kicker JL Audio
    Speaks go MTX Kicker Infinity
  7. Hautewheeler

    Hautewheeler Full Member

    eclipse has a wonderful head unit that can be had for under 300 (I just bought one)
    also, jvc.. alpine, pioneer, just stay away from sony, and thanks to some super cool dudes at CAT, I wouldn't recommend clarion either(sorry caddy!)

    jbl has some great amps to be had at reasonable prices.. jl's are great, also mtx and alpine's are strong

    subs.. jbl (no, not kidding.. the new stuff is okay) Jl, mtx, stay away from the new fozzygates.. diamonds are great but expensive.

    since you're replacing stock speaks in stock locations, you don't really need to go crazy with em..(they'll be hard to hear no matter what you use. some good srong pioneers, jbls, mtx, infinity all will do nicely.

    are we talking full size blazer, or the smaller ones?
    Cause if you're getting a big blazer, hautewheeler reccomends 15" subs in a big ported or a bandpass box (unless you like your neighbors):D
  8. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    sorry im old skool i forgot yea new fosgates suck ass old skool ones tho that say RF on the sub only those ones are great same story with clarion old stuff great new stuff cheeply made.

    jbl yea they are worth the money not bad subs however for the same amount id buy a pair of audiobahns instead
  9. Hautewheeler

    Hautewheeler Full Member

    Yes, I remember the days of the old.. when rockford rocked and coustic was good, and sony electronics were good, people liked clarion, and cerwin vega's could beat you to death.

    gotta say.. I really like the looks of the audiobahn, but they're just not all they're cracked up to be.

    Bunk.. you should also look into some of the products from adire audio line.. they are world class subs that you can get reasonably priced:yes:
  10. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    ahh yes at least US Amp even though its recent sell out is still produceing some kick ass products. i would of been heated if the best amp company of all time died!
  11. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    hey guys, thanks for you replies.

    alright with all of your suggestions I think its time to come up with a shopping list guys.

    So so far I think Im going with.

    Headunit : JL/Eclipse ( please mention the best for the cheapest. )
    Amplifier : JL/mtx
    Subs : Probably JL/Eclipse/MTX

    Anything else would be great.

    Also haute, I dont care about my neighbors and they put up with alotta loud music from my home, so why not my blazer?

    Yes it is a full sized blazer, would love for them to hate me more:)
  12. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

    JL dosent make head units, and if your total budget is only $1k for everything, you will be hard pressed to run JL amps and subs as they are expensive...... gimme a little while and Ill post ou some god system options. You seem like you want some good, loud, clean bass and some decent highs to back it up....Ill focus in that direction
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  13. bunk

    bunk Full Member

  14. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    Hey space, thanks for the quick response and I have matched up.
    It has exceeded my 1000$ limit by only 30$, I will extend my budget to 1100$ to include shipping.

    The items are:

    Headunit : Pioneer6800 - $180.00
    Subs : Kicker05CVR12-4 - 214.99$ <-- Does it come with a pair or do I buy 2?
    Sub Amplifier : Kenwood Kac-9152D
    Components : JL Audio XR 650CSI - 259$
    Component Amp : Helix Darkblue 2 400w Amps - 239$
    Wires : Power Acoustik Kit-2g - 54.99

    Total of 1031.00
    1100$ w/ Shipping.

    Cadilac if your reading I cannot buy your system bro, this works out good for me.

    Would these parts be compatable together?
  15. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

  16. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

  17. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    Cool dude, will pick up the 2 for 86$ each, Im stoned so I guess I missed that.

    Alright well whats sound deadening? Ive never really pumped **** in a truck before.
  18. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

    Sounddeadening is ecaxtly what it sounds like... it deadens sound. If used all over, it reduces rattles, improves sound quality and clarity, reduces cancellation and keeps the sound inside the vehical. However if all of that is not your cup of tea, It is at least recommended to use it on your doors if you are putting the speakers in the door without an enclosure. It seals the door off, deadens it, reduces flexing and vibrations, and drastically improves sound quality (most noticably in the midbass) of the speakers.
  19. bunk

    bunk Full Member

    Ahhh ok I understand. Yah the sunfire I drive for my parent rattles using my stock speakers haha.

    The pontiac sunfire was crashed up and rebuilt, I dont know what kind of speakers the mechanic might have used so.

    The speakers are going to be replacing the stocks, so possibly in the door or on the dash.

    Now should I have those 2 speakers up front or in the back?