Help with which version (2/4 ohm) of pioneer premier sub to work with sony xplod amp?

Discussion in 'Car Subwoofers' started by The Fallen ToK, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. The Fallen ToK

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    So I have a Sony Xplod 1000w 2 channel amplifier (Model # XM1652Z) and I want a new sub because I broke my last 2. The sub I'm looking at is a Pioneer Premier 3000w 10" (Model # TS-W2502D2 or TS-W2502D4). I know I want this sub, I just don't know which version is compatible with my amp. So my question is "which vesion of the subwoofer is compatible with my amp?"

    The user manual for the amp can be found at: Audio/Sony/Sony-Car-Audio-XM1652Z-User-Guide-TXprMU5qST.html

    And specs for the sub can be found at:|D4?tab=B

    I primarily listen to metal so I'm not looking for that super deep bass, I'd like something that would be a little more mid-ranged.
  2. Ranger SVO

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    I would stay with the two 8-ohm models (D4), wire it parallel for a 4-ohm load. Now those subs are rated at 800 watts each. Thats serious overkill. Your amp is only rated at 400 watts RMS. That amp will not be able to push those subs to their full capability.

    If your only go with one sub then use the D2
  3. The Fallen ToK

    The Fallen ToK New Member

    Yea, I only planned on getting one. I was told if I bridged the amp and power one sub (with the magnets bridged also) it would be fine, and plenty loud. Is there any truth to that or is there just no way this amp could power one of these subs?
  4. Ranger SVO

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    It will not push that speaker to its full potential, but it will do OK, yes it will be OK.

    If that speaker will work in a ported box, then build one and you can get yourself some really decent sound from your set up.
  5. monster71

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    Rangers right. The amp briged at 4 ohms is 400 watts. The sub is rated at 800 watts rms. Maybe think about getting a more powerful amp to take full advantage of that sub.