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  1. Baez8669

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    Hey guy kinda new on custom enclosue I have some spec and a cut list but need some help to check the work plz help
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    Not a lot of information to go on
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    Thank you for the reply I dont have the specs for that enclosure no more due my son chewing on the paper and my wife thru it away but would you be able to design one for me plz I can post da specs for da subs
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    What kind of woofer is it, I need a link to the specifications. Also what is the maximum room that I have to work with?

    How many woofers? etc
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    You need to list ALL the spec's for this situation or better yet, take your idea & vehicle to a (trustworthy) pro. & let them know what you want,when you need it, & ask how much they will charge you but DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT YOU HAVE TO SPEND,PERIOD. Just tell them you've been to their competitors for price quotes & wanted to see if they could beat all of it (money,installation time, quality of materials used,etc...). With this economy, you should be able to get the best sounding & looking system without having to do anything yourself & saving yourself all the headaches. But if you insist, STUDY!!!! & cross your fingers,lol When I started novice installing 21+ years ago, most stereo shops acted like they could care less if you wre there or not, so I taught myself, so I would never have to go back to those ego crazy places again & saved TONS of money by doing so. I am still happily learning even after 21 years for the love of installing music perfection (or close as I can get). It's addictive & expensive. Sorry to keep rambling on.....
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    mfdvr07, I'm not sure how your post helps Baez8669 so,

    Lets see if we have this figured out. First both speakers will share the same air space, NO divider.

    The outside dimensions of the box needs to be 32-inches wide by 15-3/4-inches deep by 14-inches tall

    The port will be 12-1/2-inches tall by 2-inches wide by 10-3/4-inches deep

    You will need the following
    Top and Bottom will measure 32-inches by 15-inches each
    The Back Board will measure 32-inches by 12-1/2-inches
    The two Sides will measure 14-1/4-inches by 12-1/2-inches each
    The port board will measure 12-1/2-inches by 10-inches

    Follow directions posted Here to build your box. Post #1, #2, and #3 are the ones you will need to follow.

    Finally the baffle board (the board the speakers mount on) is cut out after the box is built and it measurements will be 32-inches by 14-inches
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  8. Baez8669

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    Ive read in other forums that the width of the port being on the smaller side would equal port noise how true is this
  9. Ranger SVO

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    Give me a break, That port has a cross sectional area of 25 square inches. The cross sectional area of two 4-inch round ports is 25.1328 square inches. Its big enough.
    Did you look at the specs that you posted a link to? I guess not. It recommended a 3-inch port for each speaker. Two 3-inch ports has a cross sectional area of 14.1372 square inches. My port is 76.84% bigger than what Pioneer recommends.

    Is the box going to be in your passenger seat? If not I wound not worry about port noise.
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  10. Baez8669

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    Sry if I offened you it was just a question . Thank you for the help tho ill be building this in a week or so. also on the build link you provided you have a brace at the end of the port (inside the enclosure) I think its 1in x1inch by 12.5 or 12.25 to give it the .25 gap on top.. How should I go about put that in ... How should I offset it?
  11. Ranger SVO

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    Not offended, we learn by asking questions. I'm just getting grumpy, I have to go back to work in 5 more days. I love Christmas break.

    You can add two or three braces if you like. For your box the braces should be 12-1/2-inches by 1-1/2- or 2-inches.

    If you add braces, consider putting one in between the point where the woofers mount. Look at the box in post #4. The two braces are pretty big, they really don't need to be that big. But the more solid the speaker baffle board is the better it will perform.
  12. Baez8669

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    Sheesh at least you go back in 5 more days ... I went back today after an 11 day stretch . So I know the feeling ... so 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 12 1/2 for the bracing. 2 of them towards the baffle and for the port same method or does it really matter
  13. Ranger SVO

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    I'm a High School Teacher, so I'm already looking forward to spring break.

    MDF is 3/4 of an inch thick so 1 1/2 x 3/4 x 12 1/2 would be the actual measurements.

    You can put one on the baffle and one on the back board. Or you can put two on the back board and one on the baffle.

    Bracing Can be done how ever you want

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    Hey ranger quick question.. Ima connect 1 8inch and 2 6inch celestions ... I have an autotek 1200 .. Its a 4 channnel amp ... The amp say it will give 300 watts at 2 ohms on each channel ... is a 2.67 load on amp still considered
    a 2 ohm load? Also I have a pioneer head unit does it really matter if I use front rca for highs
    and rear rca for mids or visa versa... im not sure....