WTB Orion HCCA 5S or 6S (Old School) Component Set

Discussion in 'Car Audio Classifieds' started by DukeDurham, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. DukeDurham

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    I'm looking for a set of Orion HCCA 5S and 6S Components (I need a set of each). These are "old school" components built around 2000, before Orion's buy out. I would prefer a mint condition complete set, but please let me know if you have anything. Even if you don't but know someone who may, please let me know. Here's what they look like...




  2. DukeDurham

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  3. jldez1983

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    I own some Hcca 5s which i may consider selling.

    Hey man i was looking to buy some other 6s or 5s and saw your post.
    Mine are the 5s made by Orion in Arizona. they are Complete with manual and box.

    Bought these as a kid at 16 and now Im 28. Never got around to installing them so theyve been sitting at the house under my bed at my parents house. cleaning out some stuff so if your intersted, shoot me an offer.

    210.843.8664 here is my cell, because of work i cant call but you can text me. and if we work something out, i know im a newb but i do have 100% feedback on Ebay and for your protection and mine we can use them as an intermediary.

    Just let me know.