wma or mp3?

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by a_rome, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. a_rome

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    I have been trying to convert all the tracks I have in my computer to wma or mp3 format so I can burn my favorites. I just cant figure out how. I have Windows Media and Music Mach Juke Box. I have seen CDs with alot more tracks on them then just the 19 or 20 I can fit. Any help would be great.
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    What file types are your music files you're trying to convert? MusicMatch can convert almost any file type. I'm guessing you're trying to convert iTunes files which are MAC file types so MusicMatch can't convert those. If that's the case I don't know if there are converts for iTunes, but search at google.

    You may have seen some CDs with 19 or 20 songs, but each CD can only hold 80 minutes (700MB). So the number of songs doesn't matter, it's the length that matters. In other words 14 songs can take up a whole CD even though you have seen some CDs with 20 songs, more then likely the CD with more tracks has more fillers. Hope this helps.
  3. Tony M

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    Also make sure if you convert and record to cd you have a player capable of playing mp3 and or wma formats.
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    Ignore my first post-second paragraph if what you're trying to do is convert files to MP3 and put them on a cd (not a regular music CD). If that's the case then you can fit as many MP3s on the CD up to 700MB.

    And as Tony mentioned, make sure you have something that can play MP3s.
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    When you burn mp3, you have to change the burn type to mp3 under options.
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    Burn type would be what format you want it recorded in.
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    Thank you guys. I have been burning onto music CDs. And could not figure out how to get 50 or more tracks.
  8. NeverwaY

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    Use Konverter and convert them all to OGG Vorbis. Otherwise:
    WMA Workshop for WMA, and CDex for MP3.
  9. JoeyGood

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    or you could just burn it as a data cd and make sure all the file extensions are mp3
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    cool tool )))

    For conveting protected media I can advice u SoundTaxi !!!
    It's a great program which allows extremily fast and quality converting ;)
    All popular file formats are supported and it works just perfectly with Napster, iTunes, MSN-music, AOL-music etc... :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    I copied a lot of my cd's onto my hardrive with Nero, but saved them as mp4's, I've done some with Itunes, and Musicmatch, I liked Musicmatch the best for playback, but I use Nero for burning.
    I've got the Alpine 634 changer and 9807 reciever, I must get at least 10 albums on each cd. I'm using Windows XP64 and my burner isn't compatible through Musicmatch, so I use Nero for burning, but I don't seem to have a way to convert the mp4's back to mp3's,... guess I'll have to upload those again...
    As for the sound quality... it Is noticable, but still acceptable, expecessaly for a car.
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  13. Ranger SVO

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    Use Windows Media Player to rip your music.
    Go to Tools, then Options, the select Rip Music
    Under Rip Settings select MP3 from the drop down menu.
    Also adjust your file size, I would not select anything lower than 192 Kpbs

    Just above this, is the location you want your music ripped to. Select an appropriate folder

    We also need Windows Media Player to fill out all your MP3 tag information automatically. (we don't want to fill out each tag manually)
    You should still be in the options folder
    Select Library
    Where it says Automatic Media information updates for file
    Make sure Retrieve additional information from the internet is checked

    Click apply and your ready

    Now Nero is the best for making MP3 CD's


    Just make sure you select make an MP3 Disc
    One thing I do is I put songs into a folder first then name the folders, that way I can find the songs faster. Its almost like having a changer. Typically I get 6 to 7 CD's on one MP3 CD

    Have Fun
  14. vellisca

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    Soundtaxi, it's said to perform high results... :)
    I'll have to try it maybe...
  15. rover

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    Is it legal?
  16. vellisca

    vellisca New Member

    I hope yes. This prog converts only purchased music by legal (Napster, iTunes,...) subscribers.