Wiring for 2008 Dodge Cummins.

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    I need the wiring for the radio and factory amp. The truck has the infinity system.
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    +12V: Grey / Red
    Radio Ground: Black and Black/Light Green
    Radio Ignition (CAN data bus) ** See Note
    LF Speaker +: Dark Green/Yellow
    LF Speaker -: Dark Green/Light Blue
    RF Speaker +: Gray/yellow
    RF Speaker -: Gray/Light Blue
    LR Speaker +: Gray/Light Green
    LR Speaker -: Gray/Dark Green
    RR Speaker +: Dark Green/Light Green
    RR Speaker -: Dark Green/Gray

    ** NOTE: Ignition can be found as Pink/White in the Ignition Harness

    See if that will work for you.
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    or this one. I'm not sure if the 2006 is the same as your truck but give this a shot also.

    Dodge 2006 Ram Pickup EX. CAB Pickup

    Wire Function Color Note Fuse # Size Location
    +12V DC Battery(Constant) Gray/red Radio pins 1 & 12 11 20 amp Integrated power module at left front fender
    Switched Accessory Data
    Ground Black Also black/light green
    Left Rear + Dk.green/dk.blue Line level output
    Left Rear - Dk.green/orange Line level output
    Right Rear + Gray/dk.blue Line level output
    Right Rear - Gray/orange Line level output

    Wire Function Color Note Fuse # Size Location
    12V DC Battery Yellow/red Amplifier pins C1-4 & C1-13 36 25 amp Integrated power module at left front fender
    Remote Turn On (input) N/A See notes for B+ & accessory power to subwoofer amplifier.
    Left Front Mid + Dk.green/yellow
    Left Front Mid - Dk.green/lt.blue
    Left Front Tweeter + Gray/orange
    Left Front Tweeter - Gray/yellow
    Right Front Mid + Gray/yellow
    Right Front Mid - Gray/lt.blue
    Right Front Tweeter + Gray/dk.green
    Right Front Tweeter - Gray/lt.green
    Left Rear Mid + Gray/lt.green
    Left Rear Mid - Gray/dk.green
    Right Rear Mid + Dk.green/lt.green
    Right Rear Mid - Dk.green/gray
    Center Channel + Gray/brown
    Center Channel - Gray/orange
    Subwoofer 1 + Dk.green/tan To the subwoofer amplifier
    Subwoofer 1 - Gray/tan To the subwoofer amplifier

    Wire Function Color Note
    Right Rear Mid + Gray/lt.green Or dk.green/lt.green
    Right Rear Mid - Gray/dk.green Or dk.green/gray
    Subwoofer 1 + Gray/brown Channel 1 of subwoofer speaker.
    Subwoofer 1 - Dk.green/brown Channel 1 of subwoofer speaker.
    Subwoofer 2 + Gray/white Channel 2 of subwoofer speaker.
    Subwoofer 2 - Dk.green/white Channel 2 of subwoofer speaker.

    Available Notes

    The SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER, has B+ at pin 2 (red) with fuse no. 24 of 20 amperes in the integrated power module; the accessory line (pink/yellow) goes to pin 3 & has fuse no. 39 of 10 amperes.
    The main amplifier is located at right side of dash, but the woofer amplifier is at left side of body.
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    Thank You so much Dude u ROCK.

    I've been looking everywhere for this. This is a new client and its my first time on this vehicle. Here is the gear i have to install.

    Pioneer AVH-P5000DVD XM and HD radio
    Boyo VTL 300 Liscence Plate Camera
    2 Sets Focal components
    300/4 JL audio Amp
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    good luck with the install. take some pics if you can. we all like looking at pics... if you go to the12volt.com and click vehicle wiring they have most of it there. That's where i got what you needed.
  6. Yusuke620

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    I checked 12volt b4 coming here couldnt find it for some reason.

    Any tips on where to look on there site.

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  8. Yusuke620

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    Thanks i really Appreciate it.

    Box looks good by the way!
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    Thanks man.. good luck with your install
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    Yea thanks ill let you know tomorrow night how it went.