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Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by termis, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    First time installer here, and relatively a electronics newb as well, so I'll need plenty of help...

    I got hold of some cheapo head unit that I want to throw in my equally cheapo commuter, but it didn't come with any wiring connectors in the back.

    My quick search for a manufacturer wiring connector was fruitless, so I'm thinking about soldering in the wires myself... The problem is, I'm not sure I get the diagram.

    For one, I see 16 pins on the connector side, but on the drawing, there's only 14 points used... Which connectors aren't used? And also on the drawing, the wires are lined in a single row, whereas the connector has 2 rows, so I'm not sure how to read that.

    Can anyone tell me how to read the below -- I labeled it points A- P on the connectors, and wires 1-14. For example, does wire 1 (yellow) go to connector A, I, or somewhere else? And also for rest of the wires...

    If my intuition is right, I'll only need 3 wires for battery, ignition, ground, and + 8 wires for all 4 speakers' +/-. I've no auto antenna, so need for the connector for blue wire.

    And digging in a bit more, where the heck do I connect the parking line and reversal line wires? These are two separate wires separate from the 16-pin connectors. Do I just leave them alone? (From some research, some say ground the parking line to permanently enable DVD... not that I intend to even use DVD on this unit).


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    Does anyone know how to use the auxiliary input on this unit?
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    Have you worked it out yet?