Wiring an amp-can i splice speaker wire to the wire's on the back of the headunit?

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by johnpd, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. johnpd

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    alright so im putting in my amp, and it is virtually impossible to get the speaker wire into my door, theres no way i can get it through the rubber boot thing.

    so i was talking to my friend and he just spiliced the speaker wires for the front onto the corresponding wire's on the wiring harness on the back of the headunit. So i want to try to do the same.

    It's a hell of a lot easier for me, but idk if the wires will work together. i got classic 16 awg rockford fosgate speaker wire and i would be splicing it onto the wiring harness on the back of my headunit.

    Will it work?!?!?

  2. CadillacETC1997

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    whats so hard about feeding through the boot?
    did you try removing the boot where it goes into the cab and door and feed it though the metal hole then through the boot then into the door then replug the boot?
  3. johnpd

    johnpd Full Member

    yes ive looked over everything, and now i see that where the boot and the door meet, there is one of those harness plug things...so i would think the only possibility would be to drill and hole...
  4. johnpd

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  5. aznboi3644

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  6. johnpd

    johnpd Full Member

    thanks man, ill def. have to look into that. i guess thats really the only way.

    and i guess everyone disagrees with the splicing of wires?

  7. aznboi3644

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    you can use the wires behind the head unit...My friend did that for easier wiring and is pushing over 50 watts rms through the factory wiring with no problems after over a year
  8. johnpd

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    my amp is 90 rms. and if your implying that it may not be good, then i wont do it.
  9. aznboi3644

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    90 watts rms per channel??? I wouldn't do it than

    I'd run new wires...16 gauge is all you need
  10. Duct Tape

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    i had a 99 civic. i installed a window rollup kit that took up the rest of the room in the molex plug. so i was forced to use the stock wiring for the front speakers. i had 100 watts rms running to my front components using that wire for 4 or 5 years with no issues, and it sounded just fine.
  11. johnpd

    johnpd Full Member

    yeah im just gonna use my 16 gauge wire and run it properly.

    i did the drill trick with the molex plug and it was easy, and itll be perfect. thanks for the tip.

    but now all i have to do is run the wires through the boot....its a f*ckin pain in the a**. its in the shape of like a backwards S...i hate it.

    but once im finished wiring the speaker wire, ill be ready to finnally put my amp in!
  12. johnpd

    johnpd Full Member

    i got it. everything's perfect, but that cant be said untill the amp is in and im hearing tunes. but i just have to put the kickpanels in and all of the complete rear of my car, and then itll finnally be time to put in the amp.

    thanks for your help
  13. mrmizcue

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    you gonna post some pics?
  14. johnpd

    johnpd Full Member

    yeah if i feel like it, but i really doubt it. ill forget. or i just wont have time.
  15. wild-bill

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    I've found that the easiest way for me to run wires thru the boot is to use some stiff wire, like 10 gauge. Use some wire like you'd get at Home Depot. "Car stereo" wire is not as stiff. In fact, solid wire would prolly be even better for this. Tape the end with electrical tape so there's no sharp edge to get caught on something. Smear alot of wire pulling lube-available at Home Depot- on it, especially the end. Push it through. You may have to feed it back and forth and it may take a little while. When you get it to the other side, tape the wire you want to feed through to the large wire. Use lots of lube and carefully pull it back.
  16. cccullen

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    thread is very old... last post was on 10-17-2007
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    Oops. i didn't pay attention to that.
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    it happens...but dont let it happen again!!.....:D :lol: