wiring 2 speakers on 1 channel

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by hss2010, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. hss2010

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    Ok so i was wondering how and what it would do if I were to were 2 speakers on one channel from my deck. like two speakers on the left front side and 2 on the right front side

    what about 8 total 2 on each channel?
  2. wingless

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    Easy. Just follow the specifications for the deck feeding the speakers.

    For example, if 4 ohm speakers are used, then connecting them in parallel (speaker + to speaker + and speaker - to speaker - ) will create a 2 ohm load for the deck or the amplifier driving the speakers.

    The amp will be working LOTS harder driving a 2 ohm load than a 4 ohm load. When I was setting up my system the amp fan kicked on immediately when driving 2 ohms and not at all when driving 4 ohms. Both are within spec for the amp.

    Eight total is fine, as long as the specs are followed. What head unit and what speakers?