Will a power hungry system damage my little car? please help

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by aaronlago, Sep 9, 2011.

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    A rather stupid question I know, but I just wanted to make sure before I put my system in. I just got a new 2010 Nissian Verssa. It is a very small car with a small engine. I love it, but I miss my stereo. I have two 12" SoloBeric L6 powered by a Elemental Designs Nine.1 @1200w rms and four polks 6.5 doors powered by a kenwood @ 95w rms. I really want to be nice to this car. I was going to get a yellow top battery, a BOSS Audio 10F cap and run 0ga wire to a distribution block then split 2ga and 4ga to the amps. I just want to be sure this is not damaging the car in any way. Will the alternator be able to handle this load? Do I need to re-ground the battery because I am running 0ga wire? What size fuse do I use? please help.

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    add the yellow top to the trunk not under the hood.. forget the cap cuz they dont do anything.... and run the biggest wire u can get in ur amp straight from the yellow top..