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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by xlaudio, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. xlaudio

    xlaudio Full Member

    Which do you thick is better optima yellow top or shuriken battery.?
  2. kostyam69

    kostyam69 Full Member

    optima yellow top is what i would go with, i have a shuriken working as an extra for my subs and the yellow top under the hood
  3. steve

    steve Full Member

    optima is overrated.. I just don't like gel-cells, simply not worth the $
  4. wingless

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    When I was selecting new batteries for my boat, to me the important requirements were maintenance-free (met by AGM batteries) and long run time under load (met by the Lifeline GPL-31XT battery w/ 25% more Ampere-hour rating than ALL the other group 31 options).

    My system has six of these Lifeline batteries, three powering the 2,500W sound system, two more that can be switched-in for extra run time and a sixth that is isolated w/ the only load of starting the generator that then powers the AC to DC battery charger.