Whats my problem??????

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by danimal1127, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. danimal1127

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    Okay, I may be asking a completely stupid question here or maybe not but basically I have concern for my system. I previously had an older model Alpine head unit which made my sub sound really good. It's only a 10" Kicker but it sounded real damn good. ANYWAYS, my Alpine head unit kicked the bucket so I purchased a brand new JVC to use. Here's my concern: when I had my sub connected to the Alpine it sounded really good but when I hooked up the JVC it didn't sound as good as before. Why is this and what are my options for getting the most out of my sub?
  2. 2k Z71

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    all cd players sound different. they can put out the same amount of power but one will sound great and the other will sound like $hit.

    also the alpine may have been tuned for trebble/bass/fade when it was installed where as your jvc is not?
  3. Kvo_8

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    yeah i was thinking maybe you havent messed around with the HU settings yet. check if it has a subwoofer control or something like that
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    I have a JVC head unit... what model do you have? check your crossover points in the head unit, that may be the problem, also check your sub woofer levels on the head unit as well.
  5. pedro quiroga

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    X2 on the settings. with any new head unit there will be a tweaking period to get the best sound out of it.
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    My gues would be that the preout voltage from the jvc isn't as high as the alpine. Less signal=less sound