WHat's happening to my left channel!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by chrisbean, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I have a 1998 Jeep Grand cherokee that I used the stock stero wires BEFORE the factory amp to send sound to my amp. I bought a cheapo line level converter of of ebay and in about 3 months the left side went dead,sort of.It wouldn't have half the bass coming from that side even when I turned up the output allthe way. I just figured sincc it was cheap it wasn't no big deal. But I went a got a maxxis from the local stereo shop it did the same thing in about 6 months. I have all the wire right as in the + to + and - to - so I can't figure out what the deal is?? It's only the left side, the right is fine.THe maxxis is a four channel line lever converter since that is all they had at the time and I didn't want to wait for the two days for a new one.(VERY SMALL TOWN). SO I figured I'd try the Front two channels since I was using the rear channels of the Maxxis but then it when I got it all hooked back up it was half the bass from BOTH speakers. IF I unpluged on the other would come to life and hit as hard as it used too. So I'm confused. I thought about using a 2-into-one RCA plug but not really sure that would be wise. I have a stock radio,stock Infinity amp, 2 12 MA audio DVD wired to 2 ohms (laugh if you will-they hit and sound pretty decent) and OK you can laugh and rollyour eyes now- a 1600 watt 2 channel ultra audio amp wired to 2 ohms.Hey, I have 5 girls. Think I get to buy myself the good stuff!!??
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    There is no need for really expensive equipment for good sound.

    I'd rather have a single good sub and good 400 watt amp than the "1600 watt" amp and two poor quality subwoofers.

    In the end the enclosure is the main factor in performance.

    Try using a SoundGate LOC...high quality
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    hey, it's possible you have the left speakers hooked up to the front left and right output of your deck and the right side is hooked to the decks rear left and right output. I say this because the rear outputs of your deck usually have more bass in the signal than it would give the front speakers. Just a thought, something to check.