What kinda fuse and fuse holder to use ?helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi im new to this forum. I recently encountered a problem my whole fuse holder and fuse alll melted one mourning i did turn my bass a lil higher then usual and i heard alot of nothing this is what i have and i need help to get my bass back

    2 kicker l7's 2000 watts per sub max in a sealed box
    1 power acoustik 4000 watt bamf series rms is 2200 watts
    1 audio bahn 4fared cap
    the current fuse holder i had was the ones u get at walmart in the amp kid all plastic with a maxi fuse i replaced it and put a 100a fuse in it

    i been lookin up fuse holders and i saw a anl fuse holder but dont know too much about those i dont wanna f*@k anything up electrically so ur help be greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttly appreciated thanks in advance-mike
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    Oh yea and in the amp it has 3 40a fuses if that info is needed
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    I use a 120 amp circuit breaker. You could use one, too (maybe 150 amp), since you'll probably be blowing out the 100 amp fuse.

    As an aside, if your amplifier only has 120 amps worth of fuses, I don't think it can output 2200 watts rms. It's probably more like 1200-1300 watts rms.

    EDIT: It may also be worthwhile to get rid of that cap, since they don't really do much anyways. If you haven't done the "Big 3" that would be a great idea, too.
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    This ANL fuse block is rated for 35A to 300A.

    This ANL fuse block is rated for 35A to 750A.

    This Class T fuse block is rated up to 400A and is designed for high-speed electronic component protection.

    There are ANL fuses available from 40A to 500A and Class T fuses available from 250A to 400A on that web site. They also offer high-current panel mounted circuit breakers.
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