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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by mkulikowski, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. mkulikowski

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    I am installing a bunch of new equiptment soon. looking at around 3200w rms between 2 amps. Would upgrading my electrical system with just what is in the two stickies be sufficient? Like I could just do big 3 and 2nd battery and NOT get a new alternator?
  2. wingless

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    The 3,200W can pull over 250A from the electrical system.

    The batteries will be a buffer, with more going out than going in.

    The ampere-hour capacity of the battery bank will determine the run time before the system runs out of juice.
  3. mkulikowski

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    so what does this entail that I do, go for a new alt or a high AH battery? I just spend 700$ on new subs and a amp so not trying to dig this hole too much deeper unless I really need to
  4. wingless

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    Determine the requirements, how loud for how long, engine on or off?

    Then figure the ampere-hours required, the available ampere-hours from the alternator to determine how many ampere-hours are required from the batteries.

    A plug-in charger may be required to meet those objectives, so that the batteries start at fully charged each day.

    My boat has a 2,500W sound system that can flatten the three group 31 125Ah batteries normally connected to that bank in no time at obscene volume levels. But, I have two more group 31 125Ah batteries I can switch-in, plus a sixth that only exists to fire-up a 7KW generator, that will power a 50A battery charger.

    It is a safety issue if the boat cannot start...

    Run the numbers to arrive at an appropriate solution.
  5. mkulikowski

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    well, I know its been a while. but anyways, I did my big 3. now my headlights are dimming and my eq lights go out when my bass is hitting hard. I have looked and some say to get a new battery, but I am thinking I will upgrade to 185amp H.O. alt before I do a battery. This happens even when driving its not just when running on pure battery so this is why I am thinking the alt would be a better upgrade than a second battery.
  6. chevy6679

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    i thought the same thing, i installed a 270 amp alt, and im only running in theory max 1500 watts. did not make any significant difference because the battery could not push out enough power, therefore making the massive alt completely useless. i still have enough voltage drop to clip my mono.
  7. mkulikowski

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    yeah I recently did some research and I am leaning towards adding a second battery. Then following that with the H.O. alt to aid the charging of the batteries. I feel this should be good for me, but still not sure. I am seeing voltage drops at idle and while driving.