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    My enclosure design tutorial, still under construction.

    Geolemons realm, more advavced includes imaging and staging issues.

    Aiming a woofer box.

    Not really a tutorial, but a fabulous information site. also, I have a slightly simpler version of some of the info on that site.

    The land of yummie sushi, a wealth of info.

    Hi Fi speaker design.

    Making door pods.

    DIY subwoofer page... Awesome.

    Passive crossover design.

    And another fantastic selection of tutorials from JL

    (click on installation)


    Gain Setting

    Calculating your own theil small parameters and other Hi-Fi design stuff.

    Making door pods/baffles.

    Passive crossover design. and choosing the right crossover

    JL Audios tutorials on fiberglassing,DVC wiring,and cabinet designs

    HUGE all fiberglass interrior step by step install

    Kick pod theory and fabrication(fiberglassing)

    Aperiodic Enclosures


    Amplifier Install Tutorial

    Kick Pod Tutorial

    Another Kick Pod Tutorial

    Custom Center Console Tutorial

    Kick pod fabrication

    yet more kick pod tutorials

    and even another kick pod tutorial

    whats that? you wanted another fiberglass kick pod tutorial?

    sound dampning

    tracking down the noise in your system

    fiberglass wheel wells

    all kinds of great tutorials and articals..... should keep you busy for awhile...

    head unit installation

    How not to get your stereo stolen

    DIY RCA cables

    gains, resistence, building box, kicks, rear veiw mirrow

    crossover, notch filter, and attenuation circuit designs along with assorted box building and other tutorials

    Box calculator


    more fiberglassing

    basic car audio

    Here are great INFO sites

    everything from crossovers, to alignments, to anything you could want to know. If you are into audio, you SHOULD read this

    Thiele/Small parameters-defined

    theil small parameters an other general audio

    DIY subwoofer page...

    Music and the human ear

    all kinds of wiring, group delay, DUMAX and more info

    Physical and Acoustic problems affecting Sound Quality in a Car

    radio wiring for those with chopped off harnesses

    another great all around info site

    a pretty extensive list of places to buy audio products online

    How a speaker works

    free test tones

    speaker damping, and the pro's and cons to sealed vs ported

    lots of good info, even though it is geared for hometheater

    Download box building program WinISD for free here

    bah, heck with it.I started a similar thread on CAF and got about a hundred good links.

    Here it is. [/QB][/quote]

    I have added Space's also and am adding more. Please feel free to add and I will put them up there. We will be the tutorial capital of the internet.

    Adire Tech Papers:
    Car CablesCrosstalk in inductorsDirver orientationDVC subsDVC wireing
    Several DUMax reports
    Resistively Dampened Operations (RDO)
    SPL calculations
    Subwoofer Group Delay
    Subwoofer port sizing
    Voice coil wire
    Woofer Speed (transient responce)

    Special Thanks to Steven K on these:




    I like this one... Thiele Small parameters explained. It is very well done for the beginner, and as help in explaining them ;).

    Install Doctor .com

    Car Stereo Help
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    I am going to make this a sticky, I removed all of the old posts from this thread, I will be Editing this list and removing or editing broken links.

    I will also be adding some links from my own collection.

    Suggestions are always helpful

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    great resource, thanks for sharing!
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