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Discussion in 'Car Stereo Speakers' started by dctyke, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. dctyke

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    Hi Guys, hoping someone out there could help me with a problem:

    I have a Freelander HSE (05 Model) with a Becker Sat Nav Head Unit and a Harmon Kardon Amp under the seat. Some time ago the speakers became very 'tinny' and I lost a lot of the volume. The woofer in the trunk just vibrates.

    I've checked the speakers which are fine and I have slaved in another amp which made no difference.

    I know someone with the same spec car with the same problem, he tried another head unit but the problem was still there.

    Is there anyone who could give me any advice on what to try next please?
  2. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    Well if you're sure the amp is good, then we are back to the speakers. We need to check them with a replacement speaker.
  3. dctyke

    dctyke New Member

    Thanks for getting back ranger, the tinny sound is from all of the speakers, could one affect all of the others? Going back to the amp, I have noticed that it barely gets warm. Anyone out there got an HK amp as in a freelander, mini and some bmw. How hot does your amp get.