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Discussion in 'Car Subwoofers' started by mkulikowski, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. mkulikowski

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    Okay, so I ran into a new amp today. Its a monoblock 600w RMS amp. I have dual svc subs at 4ohms and I was wondering if I should be wiring them in parallel or series? Because I looked at the sonicelectronix diagram for dual svc subs to monoblock amp and it looks like series but I thought to get to 2ohm (which is what I wish to do) I would wire parallel. Am I correct ? or backwards?
  2. mkulikowski

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    Well with research I found out I wanted it to be wired parallel, and after testing some wiring methods with my multimeter I have found out how I will properly be wiring it to a 2ohm load. Thanks for everyone that dropped in to look despite my no responses. Your viewing is appreciated :]
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    Share with us dummys how ya figured it out.I,m trying to learn something new.
  4. mkulikowski

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    Well I am a "dummie," myself. But I googled the differences between series and parallel wiring. Then I figured since I want to run my subs at 2ohms do I would wire them parallel to cut the ohms in half. (from 4 to 2). Once I wired it to what I thought was proper I took my multimeter. Put it to ohms. And touched my neg/pos sun wires to it. And it read 2ohms.
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    parellel = all the positive wires go to the positive side of the coil/ coils

    series = +from the amp to the positive of the first coil power comes out of the - of that coil to the + ov the next coil and so on

    amp + (coil #1 + -, coil or speaker 2 +-,) -> amp -
  6. mkulikowski

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    Pretty much what I figured out. and then I just used my multimeter to be sure I was at 2ohms. then bam. thou shalt have bump in thou trunk
  7. ct08suz

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    I believe parellel 1/2's it and series double's it.
  8. Willy D

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    If you have two DVC subs that are 4 ohm, there are a few ways to wire them. You can series the VC of each sub turning that sub into a 8 ohm driver and then parallel the two subs giving a 4 ohm load. You can parallel each subs VC giving you a 2 ohm load from each sub. Sereis wire that to the amp for a 4 ohm load or parallel those to the amp for a 1 ohm load...You could series the VC of each sub making them two 8 ohm drivers and series to the amp making a 16 ohm load...