Starting a Carputer Project

Discussion in 'Automotive PC (Computer)' started by hottweelz, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. hottweelz

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    My gut instinct tells me Linux, just as my house is all Linux, (Little Vista here and there)

    But I'm wondering, does anyone have links or resources towards a complete linux CarPC or Carputer?

    I really feel like I'm not going to have any other choice but to go for XP....

    It's going in my Dakota RT so I'm not so concerned with room and tight spaces... so the box itself is going to be a SFF P4 2.0 if I can work out using the DC to DC converters for the non-mobile standard CPU.
  2. aguilarf

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    Take a look at this website, it might get you going in the right direction.

    Car PC, 12V Vehicle Computers, the makers of VoomPC

    VoomPC is a X86 car computer plaftorm running virually any operating system (Windows, Linux, etc) running a wide range of telematics, entertaiment or car pc oriented applications making it the ultimate in-car computing solution.