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    Ok being new (sorta) to the speaker situations, i have a 2000 dodge dakota ext cab, now i have replaced the factory speakers twice, and to tell the truth, they sound fine, they just dont last, now it has a factory stereo, but the question is, if i replace the factory speakers with aftermarket, can i get away with 2 ways front and rear? As this truck has infinity speakers, (6), 2 ways in rear, singles in the doors, and tweeters in the doors, if i can should i stay with infinity?

    thanks guys i know i came to the right source!

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    when you say they don't last, what's happening to them? do they rot away? are they paper?

    To answer the second question, you can use a 2way in the door if you don't wire the factory tweeter in. or buy a component set and use the factory placement of the midrange and tweeter.