Speaker Cables.. do they matter?

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  1. DaveDSMer

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    Found this on another site and couldnt resist posting it here..

    I couldnt stop laughing.. it was great.. a must read.. plus the comments on the bottom are classic.

  2. fstrfvo

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    Go to www.musicdirect.com and click under speaker cables, how about $11700.oo for an 8 foot pair of speaker cables. I wonder if those things need a break in period!!
  3. psycho_maniac

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    OMG according to the site dave showed i must get that 1500 dollar cable!!!!!!! lol thats horrible.
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  4. DaveDSMer

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    spending 25% of your budget on your wires is just plain retarded. I have never seen such a horrible audio write up.
  5. JoeAudio26

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    I thought $1500 was good deal...:lmfao:
  6. aznboi3644

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    haha that guy is retarded.

    please allow 5 to 200 hours for the cable to break in??? WTF??? interconnects are just copper wires...how the hell would that break in?? over time electrons flow through the wire better???

    haha that article makes me want to punch him in the face and **** on him
  7. TheViking

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    I will do an A/B comparison for ANYONE, one cable costs 25 cents and is used solid house wiring, the other is ultra premier, high end, nucllear powered, nitrogen injecrted gold plated, cable.....

    YOU WONT HEAR A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the break in theory........What a load of freekin CRAP.....

    Does this mean the wire in my house has to break in before i get 240 volts tomy dryer? and make it sound beeter? That guy can blow my monkey....or chicken, whicherver he prefers....
  8. electrolytic

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    lol, he's so stupid it makes me think he's up to something else, the site does have 67,000 hits
  9. electrolytic

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    how did you find that site dave, were you searching speaker wire?
  10. aznboi3644

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    ok this JIMMY guy is a complete retard and anything he says should be regarded as idiotic grunts and moans and not actual speech

    he thinks he knows SOOOO much about car audio


    well here is a quote from the page I just posted above here

    "So, what makes the car subwoofer different from home subwoofer?
    Nothing special (I guess). Some car subwoofer are designed with low impedance (could be as low as 1 Ohm), so you will need a high current amplifier or put them in pararel configuration to achive higher impedance. The rest parameters shouldn’t be special. They all use the same T/S standard. You can input these parameters to your loudspeaker box designer (like WinISD) and design a correct box, even for your home use.I’m not saying that all car subwoofer can be used at home. It’s possible, but it depends on the designer of the subwoofer itself (whether he/she is able to design a correct box with these car drivers). It’s not about the gun, but the man (or woman) behind it."

    the dumb muh fuker doesn't even know how to wire a couple of speakers

    parallel for a higher load???? wtf??