Sony 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player BDP-S580

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    The kick-butt audio system on my 2000 Searay 380 Sundancer needed a video system to match. My boat already has two 22" HD DVD televisions w/ their audio outputs tied to the sound system. There is also a Raymarine E120 at the helm that accepts and displays up to four video inputs.

    A Sony BDP-S580 Wi-Fi Blu-ray player was added, w/ the HDMI output split and fed to both televisions and the video output fed to the helm E120.

    The Wi-Fi Internet video works fine at my dock and at the marinas I visit. It is pretty cool...

    One funny thing is our daughter is a terrific shopper. She stopped over last night after going to the nearby discount electronics store. She bought the same model for a third the price. Good for her...

    The Blu-ray player was mounted in the unused half of the salon cabinet. The cabinet was removed from the boat and reworked to provide a great custom installation. I had already reworked that cabinet once before, when I installed the Sony receiver, because the stereo face was too proud from the mounting surface, preventing the doors from closing.

    Here are some images of the installation.

    Cabinet Removed from Salon


    Rear Panel of Cabinet Removed


    Dry Fit on Reworked Rear Panel


    Dry Fit on Blu-ray Player w/ New Box


    Blu-ray Player Mounted - Face


    Blu-ray Player Mounted - Rear

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    Here are my two HD TV/DVD televisions.

    Note, the factory built my boat w/ two of the TV/VCR combo televisions.



    Master Stateroom


    Here's the E120 multifunction display at my helm, showing live real-time weather. It permits full-screen or split-screen of any function: radar; navigation; weather and TV.

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    The two HD / DVD televisions and the Blu-ray player are powered from 120VAC.

    My boat distributes AC power from the two 30A shore power cord, when plugged-in at the dock, or from the built-in 7kW generator, when running.

    On my boat I've also added a 450W / 700VA true sine wave inverter to power these televisions, the Blu-ray and a handful of new, matching AC receptacles positioned for phone and laptop chargers around the boat. The inverter is powered from three or five of my group 31 batteries for plenty of run time.
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    must be one hell of a nice boat.. pics of the outside?
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    It has been a great boat. I've got it all "tricked-out" for better utility.

    Here is the brochure showing the exterior.