Rookie needs advise about 1st installation

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Speakers' started by Pilaarbijter, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Pilaarbijter

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    Hello everyone,

    Let's start with introducing myself. I'm Ruben, 22 and live in Belgium. I stumbled upon this forum when searching for advise for the following situation.

    I own a 2001 Volvo S40 with the original speakers still in the car. There's some basic JVC headunit in there aswell. Reason i want to change all of this: i want an ipod and bluetooth compatibale headunit and would like a more decent sound installation then the current one. The speaker set-up is: one in each front door, two tweaters in the dashboard and two on the parcel shelf.

    Let's start off with telling where the system will be used for. I want a decent, affordable system with preferably no sub woofers although I don't exclude that there might be one added to the system in the future but for the time being, no woofer. For me the number one prio is the beauty of the sound, not the volume, although that doesn't mean that it wont be playing loud Which brings me to the final fact, the system will be used to handle metalmusic and that's about it. So that means sharp sound from the guitars and a lot of bass

    So basically, I'm asking for you guys' advise.

    For the headunits i have the current models in my view:
    - Kenwood: KDC-BT61U
    - JVC: KD-R921 or KD-R821 or KD-R721
    - Sony: S300 BTX

    Any suggestions about what might fit my situation the best?

    As for the speakers I was thinking about buying a composet. What are the ideas about that? Sadly enough I haven't got any view on the speakers or composets because the amount of products is just imense. What should i look out for when searching for them? Apart from the size off course ;p

    If you guys have any other suggestions / remarks please let me know.

  2. Riff Raff

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    I Myself woud go with the Sony S300 BTX I like the featyures on it and the price is not as rich as some others on the market. I hope this helps and Make sure you post pictures of what you actually do get and install. we all would love to see.
  3. jgilk1

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    i personally do not like any thing sony has produced since 2001 ( i have burned up/smoked 2 sony head units and 3 sony amps since they lowered there quality)
    my opinion is higher of pyle and legacy then it is of sony... at least they will admit there stuff is crap

    call it a lack of faith in there products or a hatred in there quality but i treat all my stuff with decency (except sub woofers) and should not be smoking a head unit after 6 months of use (though it gets used an hour and a half a day..

    as well it does not give you any adjustment of mids, highs, and lows (no built in equalizer) as well no auxliry input say your ipod feature stopped working... but that would never hapen with sony hahaha rotfl...

    the r921 though a bit speedier has a 5 band eq as well as all the other features you are looking at
    the 821, and 721 both have 3 band equalizer which isnt going to give you as much adjustability as the r921

    and even though i am a big fan of kenwood and the quality of the products they provide as well as the features this head unit it provides its not a head unit i would put in a vehicle for the simple fact ease of use.....

    subwoofer or not once you have had one you can never go with out.... i am a bass head my systems are based around the subwoofer / subwoofers sub power for me isaround 1000wrms and door and rear dspeakers are around 200rms for the lot of them

    as for speakers the more you pay tthe better they sound... rule of thumb as for the install i would seek the opinion of a professional innstaller as to speakers avnd the best option for your needs....