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    When I purchased my 2001 toyoto Corolla I had a remote starter installed. I had an accident and the front end had to be repaired (hood and grill etc). When I got the car back there was encased wire hanging I knew not from where. Later on I got a new battery and I hooked that loose wire up to the battery. Wrong thing to do because after that the remote starter would not work. I figure that I must have blown a fuse. Search as I may I can not figure out where that fuse might be located. I am sure that it must have a fuse some where. Any ideas.

    I did find out later that that wire is used by the repair man to make sure that the engine is not started while he is working on it.

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    Without seeing it, I can only guess. Most remote starters have a safety wire under the hood. Its attached to a pin switch, so when the hood is opened the remote start will not work. That wire was not supposed to be hooked up to the battery positive. If hooked to the negative or to ground, the remote start will not work.
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    I would think that it should be fused at some point. There are a list of fuses so in your knowledge which one would be the most likely be the one that the installer would use?
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    We usually dont fuse a trigger wire or a safety wire. Check the fuses and if they are OK the only other thing I might suggest is to unplug the unit wait a couple minutes plug it back in.

    It might reset, the programming should remain as it was.

    Most alarms/remote starts, that safety wire should be protected. Now the brand I use has two other safeties that will pevent the unit from working.

    The brakelight wire will ground through the brakelights. If it loses ground the unit will not work. I also have a neutral saftey switch wire that will prevent the unit from working.

    Many remote start units will have a diagnostic feature that will tell you why it failed to start the car. You will need to contact an authorized dealer for the brand that you have to tell you how to access that feature.

    I can only generalize using what I know about the autopage brand.
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    Thanks for your help
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    That wire your talking about is definitly the hood pin switch wire. If you pluged that into a 12v wire im not sure what that would do the alarm. If you can find the brain under the dash (this mite seem weird) but , smell it. If it smells like burnt electronics, theres your problem! As far as ive seen all hood pin switch wires disable the remote start when they are grounded, and allow the remote start to work when there is no ground.
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    Seriously, this thread is 3-years old and I doubt that wchapple is still around. Thats the last post he made.
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    thats one I cant help you with. I traded installing sliders and a bumper for the installation of my remote starter. Too many wires to keep track of.