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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by Promodmerc, May 13, 2011.

  1. Promodmerc

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    Just last week my car was broken into and the theiving %$()&#&)*@#_* got everything. They also cut some of the ends the RCA cables.

    Fortunately my insurance covered everything.
    My insurance company uses a cotracted insurer that specializes in just car audio. I told them that they had cut some of the RCA and pulled some of the wire out of the distribution block. To my surprise they said they would replace the wiring as well:) Instead of cutting me a check they had all new replacement equipment shipped to me.

    The wiring kits they sent me are so so. The actual wire is decent wire but the RCA cable leave a little bit to be desired. Would it be my best interest to buy some better RCA cables? I only want to do my install once.

    I can get pictures of the RCA cables if need be.
  2. TheViking

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    As long as the cables are ran in a manner away from power wires and other sources of inductive or RF interference, it probably wont be an issue. I am more of a SQ guy anymore, and i wont spend a whole lot on cables....not enough difference in SQ to make the difference in my opinion, just my 2 cents
  3. Promodmerc

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    Cool. I'll use the ones in the wiring kit.

    I crapped myself yesteray when I was looking at RCA cables on Crutchfield and thaeh had ones that were $650 :eek:
  4. jchulski20

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    original stuff

    Did they send you the same stuff you had bought like amp wise
  5. wingless

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    The Monoprice cables are great quality and reasonably priced. I've used them LOTS on my boat system.