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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by superman, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I am picking up a Klipsch Synergy III dual 6.5" center channel with a bestbuy gift card that I got for christmas. I currently have a about a 7 year old Yamaha reciever R-V1105 that I have two Cerwin Vega RE series 12" main speakers on. Am I correct that under $300 this Klipsch center channel is the best center channel I can get from Best Buy? Also, there is a setting on my Yamaha reciever that lets you filter out bass under 90 hertz going to your center channel, they explain that you turn this option on if your center channel is "smaller than your main speakers" should I turn the filter on, or should I let the bass blast? :D Thanks for the help guys, I am not very into the whole home theater stuff and am out of my element.
  2. G3n3R@1

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    klipsch makes some nice speakers, as for the "small" setting you'll want to try listening to it both ways and see which u prefer.
  3. pedro quiroga

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    i have the synergy rear surrounds and i love them!

    you cant go wrong with any of those klipsch center channels that they sell.

    i'd love to get the 300 center.
  4. Willy D

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    Set it for "small"

    Really if you are running a sub ALL of your other speakers should be set to small....That feature setting on "big" is more geared towards the speakers that have powered subs built into them, like the Definitive Technology...

    Now if you have no sub and your main (front) channel speakers have 12's in them, set the fronts for "large" surrounds and center for small....I assume that your receiver will let you pick large or small at each location...My Marantz will....Also if you have the "re-eq" feature on the center channel you should turn that on....That feature compensates for the original mixing of the center channel info...In a theater, the center speakers are usually firing through the screen and the material of the screen will shave some of the high end freq out of the sound...They mix the center channel brighter to compensate...Since your center speaker is NOT firing through a movie screen, it will make it very bright...This "re-eq" setting will take some of the brightness out...

  5. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    this is mine.5 1/4's.
  6. Willy D

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    Cool....Are those dipoles??

  7. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    yes they what a diff over my older Energy take 2's.
    i use them as my 6th ch.
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  8. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    when my sony's die.i would like to be able to get these guys.

    i heard them in the store and was blown away buy their sound.
    these are the 8in versions
  9. G3n3R@1

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    polk is still my homie!
  10. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    i have polks in the truck.awsome sound!
  11. G3n3R@1

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    hell yes, i find they have a much smoother and recessed sound than most other speakers. they just put out a gentle sound that my ears really love. i use the polk r300s for my 2 channel setup. i'll be working on a HT setup soon with much higher end polks. I picked a pair of these up for 100$ and even at polks bottom end they still sound amazing. I have em powered by an Onkyo TX-8222.
    R300 Product Page : Two-way floor-standing loudspeaker : Polk Audio
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  12. Willy D

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    I have JBL speakers (2ch are L7's....HT I have the Studio monitor series with a 12" woofer).....They are great sounding speakers, but IMO they are a little bright or brittle in the very top end....Everything I have ever heard from Polk are butter smooth.....Would like to get some Polks....

  13. G3n3R@1

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    check out the r300s then. i bought mine at hhgregg. if you have a local one then you could probably demo them there and buy them off the internet for a much cheaper price. so long as you have a good reciever maybe even have seperate amplifiers per speaker will really make polks shine.
  14. Willy D

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    My two channel set up I use a Sansui AUX711...This thing is sweet..It has such smooth sound..From flat to full bass on the bass knob, it just thickens the bass, not make it muddy or is an integrated amp and the preamp section is just smooth as butter....At one point I had my HT set-up running with a Marantz dolby digital preamp, running out to 5 Marantz mono blocks...I took the straps off the L7's and biamped them, running the top off a mono block and the 12's off of a THX certified Carver amp....Believe it or not, when I ran cd player into the Sansui and straight out to L7's with tone defeated....just cd player, preamp, amp, speakers....I got way better two channel stereo than with all the separates...The Sansui is just sweet and sooo musical....Love it.....

    Now I am in a town house and my HT set-up is basically not in use...

    Marantz SR880 MKII....Dolby digital, DTS receiver
    JBL Studio series fronts
    JBL Studio series center
    Bose 401 surrounds
    Home made sub...2 12" Kicker comp subs in a sealed MDF enclosure with a plate amp...

  15. G3n3R@1

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    y not a ported sub? how low does it hit? also and whats up with the bose lol
  16. Willy D

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    The subs I bought from a guy back in prolly 92...He told me they were kicker comps and they were designed for a sealed enclosure...I had them in three different cars and they are awesome subs...They are not gonna break any SPL record or nothin, but I always thought they were nice and tight...So I had kinda gotten out of car audio stuff and sold a bunch of stuff off...I kept the subs and decided to build a box and buy and amp....When I had it in my house in the basement with the HT set-up...It would shake the concrete slab floor...I could push that system to 0 db and even into the + side of gain (on the Marantz it goes from neg 60 up to zero, then to +12, with 0 being THX reference. When I set my levels with a meter, I would either set the pink noise level at 75 or 80 db with the receiver volume knob set at 0)..Needless to say that is freakin LOUD....Sub never had a hint of not keeping up...

    as for the Bose????

    My first stereo system for home that I bought after getting married was a Pioneer receiver and I bought those Bose...For $200.00 ea, they were the best sounding speaker of the bunch (at Best Buy when they first opened)..
    When I got my Sansui, the Bose were my only speakers...I rattled many things off the walls with those....Now these are floor standing speakers, not those boxy sounding bookshelf ones...They have great sound and super low end even with only having two 6" woofers and one tweeter per speaker...I know I get a lot of crap from people about having Bose, but they are very nice speakers...

  17. G3n3R@1

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    ohh well in that case the bose are ok;) im really impressed at the low end these polks can do with one 6 1/2" driver.
  18. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    wait.there is nothing wrong with bose....except thier
  19. TJ05

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    How old are the Cerwin Vegas? If they are fairly new, I would opt to try to match them with a center channel from that model line. I have nothing against Klipsch (I run them in my setup), but if you are happy with the Cerwins, I would kept the center matched with the mains as best as I could.

    The front three speakers in a home theater should be identical or as near to identical as you can get them. They are the most important to match to your mains (followed by surrounds, then subs) when piecing together a system. When scenes in a movie that pan from left to right to left, etc. (like a car going down the street), the sound should not change in tone as it pans from one speaker to another.

    Good luck and hope this helps you.
  20. Willy D

    Willy D Full Member

    I have never heard a Cerwin Vega speaker that I liked in the home audio world....I agree about matching the front three speakers timbre but I had my JBL L7's as fronts and a DCM KX series center for a long time...I never noticed anything annoying in the pans and I know they were not timbre matched...With my JBL studio series, my fronts and center are timbre matched, but when I run the test tones through all three, I notice a definite difference in the sound...but once I put movies on, I don't notice anything majorly different...

    As a side note....My dad's wife has a younger brother who had a pair of those big bad cerwins with 15" woofers in them...When he would play his stereo, he would crank it up...Now don't get me wrong, they were loud as hell, but with the bass tone knob on zero (flat) he had no bass response from those...He had to crank up the bass control to get ANY low end out of them....Ex-wifes cousin had the same deal...cerwins with a big 15" in each one...No bass unless you cranked the bass.....Now, if I took those Bose 401's of mine, I could defeat the tone control and they had twice as much low end. Those speakers have a forward firing 6" woofer and a tweeter and the rear has either a 6" woofer or the tweeter, but not both....