question about an airbag light!

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by sirj_4, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. sirj_4

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    i own a 2005 optra and i just installed a new headunit and when i was done i still had 3 wires left over from the factory harness, and now my air bag light stays on! i am wondering if those 3 wires have to run through the factory stereo like the monsoon deck in my other car...but with that one someone gave me the where for this car i cant find anything. it is the same car as a suzuki forenza just with a chev badge but even the scoche harness i got isnt the same plug as the one off the the factory deck...
    so if anyone can help me out that would be great!

  2. cccullen

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    hmmm, i had an '04 optra before. Got rid of it after the warranty was up. having any problems with yours? For the almost 3 years i had that car (for my wife) i had 3 batteries changed, valve body, various suspension parts and 2 fuel pumps changed on it, all under warranty so once my warranty was up the car, i sold it as fast as i could. does yours come with an in-dash 5 CD player in it? double din?. where are you from?

    As for your problem, i'll try to ask my local car audio shop about that and i'll get back to you. they have a lot of experience with optra installs.