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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by duramax, Nov 11, 2010.

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    So, I have a 2003 Silverado 2500HD Duramax with Bose system. I bought an Assexx GMOS-04 harness to bypass the factory bose amp. It was working fine with my Sony deck (I don't recall the exact model of the top of my head but it was a new one a year ago) and today I got a new Sony deck, a DSX 300btx. I checked all the wires to make sure the old harness matched up with the one that came with the deck to see if I could just swap them.

    After confirming the wires all matched up with the proper pins, I plugged it in, and the stereo turned on without the ignition being switched on. Also, the sound was not working at all...

    I tried switching to the other deck and got the same problem - the deck would turn on even if the keys were out, truck was off completely and everything. After using a voltmeter to test, I found out the switched accessory line coming out of the GMOS-04 harness was now recieving power regardless of it being on or not.

    So my question is, how is this wire now getting power all the time, and what could be causing the sound to not work? I hope someone can help because I don't want to buy a new harness or pay exorbitant amounts of money for a stereo shop to fix this...
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    I don't recall ever having a problem with the Axxess GMOS 04. These are really reliable interfaces. Do you have OnStar? Double check and make sure that the Audio Mute wire is not touching anything. I think its a Brown wire, double check your directions.

    Disconnect the Axxess from your truck (unplug it), wait a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. Give that a shot and see what happens.