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    hi there,

    ok, well i bought a car that has a 15inch 1400W max sub, wired to a 1000W max monoblock amp. now the the power wire is 2 gauge from the battery, but then halfway is connected to distribution block(1) and then connected to an 8 gauge running to the mono amp. (I dnt understand why the previous owner did this, doesnt make sense, the power port on the mono amp, clearly fits the size of a 4 gauge wire) Anyway.

    Im planning on installing rear speakers and my friend gave me a Pioneer 300W 2channel amp, so i decided to install that so I can amplify the speakers.( i dont have rear speakers).

    So, I bought a distribution block(2) and split the 8 gauge (connected to the mono) into an 8 gauge for the mono amp and 8 gauge for the 2 channel amp. Now to me this doesnt sound right, im guessing it should be "split 8guage into two 10 or 12 gauge wires", so im worried that both amplifiers wont be recieving enough power to function adequately, can any of you car audio enthusiasts help me out, and give me ideas on resolving this problem?

    im thinking replace the 8 gauge(running from the distribution block(1) to distribution block(2) ) with a 4 gauge wire

    Im sorry, if this all sounded extremely complex, but this was the best way to describe my dilemma.

    Thanx, any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    if amps need 4 gauge and 8 gauge then you will need a 1 gauge to split at block....or 2 runs of 4 gauge...one with block....hope this helps......
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    yea thanx, well the mono is running absolutely fine, the sub hits nice and hard! so im thinkin the 8 gauge to the mono is fine!, my only worry is once i connect the speakers, the 8 gauge wire(from block1 to block2) wont deliver enough power to feed both amps. thats why im thinking to put a 4gauge from block(1) to block(2), then block(2) will split 4gauge into two 8gauge for both amps? is this right?
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    why dont u just run 2 4 guage from the first block all the way back? really no sense of having to blocks is there??