Pioneer AVH-P2400BT questions and issues, any help would be fantastic!

Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by jmatteis, May 24, 2013.

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    So, just had the 2400bt installed, and love the sound, did the firmware update, working great on bluetooth now...

    I have a couple of questions that the ambiguous manual doesn't cover, or clarify.

    First - APPRADIO - I click the logo, and it comes up, blue screen, etc. Whether the phone is connected with the cable in the front or bluetooth etc, I have the appradio app on my iphone 4s, but can't get any apps to work. When I plug it into the USB on the front of the radio, I am using my usual USB cable, not the pioneer one, could this be the issue?

    Second - Front Aux input - I tried plugging different unit, not my iphone into this to play the audio. I was using the AUDIO out on my separate XM radio tuner, but there is no sound, I am not even sure what source it should be on. For this, I am using just a standard 3.5mm to 3.5 mm cable, Pioneer shows a 4 pole one, that will transfer video from your iphone, but I just want to use a standard AUX input cable to run audio when I am listening to my XM radio. Anyone know which source setting I need? I have tried AUX, in audio mode and get nothing but a black screen, there is no sound.

    Third - sometimes, the audio will stop playing through the hu from my iphone, on BT audio or ipod mode. If I click S.RTV. or something else, the audio will stop, the song is still playing, as the counter keeps moving, but nothing is heard. I have to unplug the iphone USB and plug it back in, or cycle the power on the HU.

    Any help would be appreciated... I know there are other things I wasnted to ask, but I cannot remember right now.