Pictures of my remodeled Studio Control room

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by Tony M, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Tony M

    Tony M Full Member

    Finally completed the remodeling of my 24 Track recording Studio.
    Took 33 man hours just to rewire it. Thought I'd post a few pictures.






  2. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    wow sweet!
  3. NeverwaY

    NeverwaY Full Member

    OMFG I'm loving it! That is a very sweet setup you have there. Very clean, very proffesional,! I'll have to post pics of my theatre setup one of these days. But, that is just inspiring, makes me want to go get my guitar right now!
  4. Tony M

    Tony M Full Member

    Thanks guys.
    My azz my back my legs are sore as heck but she's done!!!
  5. pepperman

    pepperman Full Member

    Looks cool :cool:
  6. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    Holly sh1t. That looks hawt. 33 man hours! you are one patient fellow.
  7. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    Secsi!! Looks good man, you did a good job!
    No kidding!
  8. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    Tony M are you still here?

    Are you familiar with programs like Cakewalk's Music Creator Pro or Fruity Loops. When I have spare time I like to create my own music on the computer. I have a Yamaha Keyboard and a MIDI/USB interface. I occationally have problems moving MIDI files between programs.

    While I'm no where near as serious as you are I still like to play.
  9. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    Whoa - Sweet setup!
  10. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    Nice...but damn man 33 hours??
  11. Willy D

    Willy D Full Member

    hey Tony....

    Nice set-up....Are you tracking to the ADATS and then dumping to a PC program or are you mastering on PC? I see the monitor sitting there...I assume you are tracking to ADAT and mixing in the analog domain with all the outboards you have there...looks like a Mackie 8 bus?? or is it a Behringer?

    Very cool...