Orion HCCA 2100 Competition Amplifier

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  1. electrolytic

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    ok, get or make? lol i'm going to make mine. just not too sure on the tuning yet. I can't decide, but i know it's somewhere between 30 and 40 hz. I think i might go with some nice 1" maple too. If i'm going to do the work i might as well make it worth it.
  2. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    use 3/4 inch MDF..denser and less resonant
  3. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    no maple is better lol no?, ok how about 1" mdf, with carpet?
  4. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    1 inch MDF is even better...carpet doesn't affect sound....only looks
  5. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    k, did you get your ED amp?
  6. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    yeah...its fuked up...gotta mail it back.

    They are paying for the shipping and everything though...I'm ****ed but there wouldn't be a use for it as I haven't gotten to build any new boxes yet...weather has been uber weird and last week it was in the 30s and it is in the middle of SPRING!!!
  7. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    ya, it tried to snow here the other night but was only a few flakes and it was hot like summer a week ago. I was bored so i drew this, was thinking of making, a holder for the battery and mount the amp on the top so it cant vent.

    Better the amp goes bad now while you can still return it instead of later on. The next will be the one! lol

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  8. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    had to draw this today from a picture..was kind of fun but glad it's over lol.

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  9. AlfaNewB

    AlfaNewB Full Member

    this is for THE VIKING.

    i was searching online and found your posts, so i joined this site so i can talk to you about my amp, you seem to know enough. i have the Orion HCCA 2100 comp, and my sub is a Digital Design 15" 9500 series, tripple stack magnet, and power is rated at 3000 watts, i think it was peak, i doubt its RMS. the sub is bridged at 2 ohms. the specs i found online indicate that the comp version of the amp can run ar 1 ohm and delivers a power rated at 1600 watts. now how acurate is this, since i cant find the comp manual off of the orion website. i dont want to take my chances and damage the amp. its already an antique. hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your time
  10. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    ALFA unfortunatly viking hasnt been on in a long time.

    your amp is 1 ohm stable but only for short periods. i.e burps for compitions.

    it is rated at 1600 but is capable of much much more.with the right eletrical upgrades that amp can do at least 2500 or so if i remember correctly
  11. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    The Digital Designs 9500 series can handle a lot more than rated power.
  12. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    Nice amp! lol i have the same, the competition amp is 1 ohm stable, it's the orion 2100 digital reference that is not. But one thing Viking did tell me is just to run it at 2 ohms daily then every once and a blue moon burp it @ 1 ohm to thrash anyone who has doubts or thinks their system is better. He said if i do that i will have a beautiful amp that will last a lifetime! Welcome by the way!
  13. AlfaNewB

    AlfaNewB Full Member

    the right electrical upgrades? first off the car is an 03 bmw 530I, i have 2 batteries installed blue top optimas, and im using an old PG cap rated at 15 farad. im also runing an Audison vrx chrome shadow 4 channel amp cant remember the model number, and focals all around, my highs are pefect. i get enough mids and highs out of focal components. but my bass is horrible. im using a ported box that i built myself. it barely fit in the trunk. but the sub sounds like it lacks power. what else do i need to do to upgrade, i really cant afford an alternator. im broke for the moment. also im using the stock HU, and i removed the factory amp. im also using a high and low converter from audiocontrol. the factory setup has a stereo and an amp that works as a crossover/soundprocessor, since the stock Hu has 4 outputs high voltage, and then plugs in the factory amp, with then has 10 outputs, front tweeter, mid and high, then rear tweet and full range. its not bad for stock. so what else do i need to do?? if i can play the amp at 1 ohm for 3 hours im fine, i dont drive more then that.
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  14. AlfaNewB

    AlfaNewB Full Member

    hi thanks. yeah i got the amp so i can tear **** up. i had converted my spare tire well into a box and that wasnt a good idea since i now have 2 cracks that are close to a foot long each, these subs were not ment for sealed boxes lol. oh well. i was trying to avoide weight since i drive like a maniac on turns.
  15. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    that amp may not survive for 3 hours at 1 ohm.hell elecro has to run a bazillion fans to keep his amp from catching on fire.lol

    that amp at 8ohms will out power alot of newer amps these days.so at even 2 ohms it will give you more than enough power to run your subs.
  16. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    I wouldn't run it at 1 ohm for 3 hours, it will probably toast itself. 1 ohm for a 10 second burp for competitions or to show off. I'm running mine @ 2 ohms bridged to two kicker cvr12's and it hits hard. I have two batteries and an upgraded 130 amp alternator and still i can only play two songs then the batteries start dying. My alternator is probably not enough but the 4 gauge wiring i am using i'm sure is a big part of the problem. This thing is extremely power hungry so you will more than likely need some 0 gauge wiring upgrade and the big 3.

    The way i have it now, it has tons of bass, don't forget about the mono button and bass boost button on the amp, the mono button has to be on, the bass boost button i can't even use it's way too much. If you have it bridged properly it should be hitting hard.
  17. electrolytic

    electrolytic Full Member

    2 ohms should be perfect for this sub, you should be pushing around 1100 watts rms.

    Digital Designs DD9500g Subwoofer


    Voice Coil Diameter

    Magnet Weight
    406 oz

    Power Handling RMS/Peak

    80 mm

    Nominal Impedance
    .35 - 4.0 Ohm

    DC Resistance
    .35 - 3.6 Ohm


    Rec Box (cubic ft)

    Port Area (sq in)

    Port Length (inches)

    Woofer Diameter

    Free Air Resonance
    35 Hz
    34 Hz
    33 Hz
    29 Hz




    35 L
    85 L

    87 dB
    89 dB
    93 dB
    94 dB

    Shipping Weight
    50 lbs
    51 lbs
    55 lbs
    61 lbs
  18. AlfaNewB

    AlfaNewB Full Member

    well it sounds like crap. the sub dosent move as much and when it dose it sounds even worse. i have a soundstream rubicon 1002 thats rated at 1000 watts at 2 ohms, im gonna try it out tomorow. if that soundstream pushes the sub harder, then i have a problem with the amp. or this sub needs more power.
  19. AlfaNewB

    AlfaNewB Full Member

    i also have another amp but i dont have the room for it in my trunk, its a soundstream turantula, before soundsteream was sold. its an original very hard to find, and it works, but the strobe lights are broken. now this amp is huge. and i have 2 soundstream class A 5.2 but there only 500 watts each.
  20. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    What enclosure is your sub in??

    Hopefully not sealed