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    Hi guys :) I'm back now (After a room remodel.)

    Anyways, I want to put out a WARNING! about this company.

    My mothers rear subwoofer has completely burned up, and the cone is shredded to pieces. I wanted something low-powered, inexpensive & simple (It wasn't my car, or my budget lol.)

    So, I looked for a decent online site to find this item. The first search that "looked" like a reputable dealer was OCS. Their site was pretty organized, and well looking.

    I first ordered this item:

    And this is how I received it:


    Both the shipping box, and the manufacturers box were fully intact, not a scratch. It looked like someone kicked the face in, ripped up the carpet & threw it into a wood chipper lol!

    I called in, and spoke to a Jose I think, and they offered to ship another if I paid for shipping...

    So, I paid $16.30 to get another one shipped. Wouldn't you know, the exact same thing happened..But this time it had chunks falling out of it, and it looked used.

    So I called in, and spoke to a manager (Marciela I believe) and she apologized and offered "Store credit." that was usable only if I called in, and expired in 30 days.

    So by now it had been a few months later, and the last thing I wanted was another trashed item. After a little bit of research, I found alot of bad reviews for this company (Why I didn't check In the first place beats me..), and someone mentioned that they are just an over-priced re-seller that buys referbished items in wholesale lots.

    So I requested a PA-12w sub:

    Which is severely overpriced, but was the best that they had for a single sub under $90

    One week later I received an email saying, "That item is out of stock, please call in and select another item."

    So I selected a slightly worse item, Paid one of the members here for design plans for it(Mobileenclosurs I think.) and waited for it to ship.

    One week later, I received an email that the item totaled FOUR CENTS over my $89.99 value...And that they were shipping the P3-12W instead.

    I have an amazingly large pool of patience, but after receiving the new sub almost four months after I first made my purchase, and ruining it as a christmas surprise, I was getting pretty anxious to get this hooked up.

    When I open the box, everything looks great. Then I turn the sub over & the bottom cover is busted on two of the plastic studs (look at the picture on the website, it's the silver trim-looking things.

    So, now I realize that my amp is under-powered and I don't even know if the sub works or not. (I ran some low volts through it with a multimeter and it looked ok :(.

    What upsets me the most, is when I wanted to move to a better company such as crutchfield, or sonicelectronixx, they refused to refund me, and only offered store credit for all my trouble.

    Anyways, you are taking a big risk with this company, and some prices are even HIGHER! Please take my word, and STAY AWAY from this company!

    What a nightmare :mad:
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    damn dude, thanks for the warning. sounds like a bunch of bull**** to get overcharged in the end. hope your surprise went well despite the lateness