Onkyo SR 702 Zone 2 Problem

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by tgeorge1792, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Hi all, I'm sort of a novice at this stuff, but I have an Onkyo 702 receiver, all is working fine. BUT, I bought this pair of small outdoor speakers...Yamaha NS-AW150. I have them connected to Zone 2, to try and play them outside. I can get them working in zone 2, but very softly. If I turn them up using the 'level' control for zone 2, or turn up the input level from my iPod, it instantly shuts the power down into 'protect' mode. Additionally, one of the speakers is much softer than the other...can anyone help me? The speakers impedance is 6 ohms, and the have a nominal input of 35 watts and maximum input of 120 watts. Is the receiver just to powerful? HELP!
    Thanks for your time, Tony...
  2. Klinkster

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    perhaps a short in the speaker wire? That would explain the soft level, yet force the amp to shutdown due to overdriving the output.

    Take some fresh wire and test out Zone 2 directly from the receiver to see if they are working. Also test it with a different set of speakers if the wire isn't the culprit.

    If not, then my guess is there is either a muted setting, or something wrong with your amp.