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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by chandler84, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. chandler84

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    hi my name is jordan and i am new to the site. i found this site on google and seemed to be the best when compared to other car audio forums. i drive a 2004 nissan titan and my current set up includes 1 jl w7, 1 jl audio 1000/1 and 1 jl audio 300/2, focal 165k2p 6.5" speakers, a factory cd player with a jl audio cleansweep and all knukonceptz wiring. i look forward to visiting and learning alot from this site.
  2. Kvo_8

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    hey man, welcome to the site. sounds like you have a pretty nice set up there :)
  3. chandler84

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    yeah its not too bad but like all stereos for me its not loud enough anymore and i need more. someday i plan on removing my backseat and putting 2 or 3 w7's back there but i have no idea what mids and highs to go with that would compliment 3 w7s. plus i dont have that kind of extra cash at the moment.
  4. jonnyv713

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    sounds awesome man! pics are a must or ban! haha jk. but welcome aboard CAT!
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    Hey man welcome to the site! post some pics/ vids of your system if possible! we all love pics lol
  6. chandler84

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  7. smcustomperform

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    im new also,but not to hobby/industry hope to load pics if i can get use to how it all hope to make som freinds too,i build /restore cars as well!! so it goes hand and hand.