Need recommendations for a double din head unit

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    Hello all, I'm hoping I can get some info on getting a nav unit for my 07 Ford Expy. Currently I'm running Ford's factory navigation, which isn't too bad, but my search for something better is what is driving me to get something different.

    The two units I have been looking at have been the Pioneer avic x990bt and the Alpine ina-w900bt. I would like to know if you would recommend any other brands. Some of the features i will be using with this will be the the bluetooth, Sat radio and ipod.

    When I bought my truck I went ahead and took all the panels out of my truck and went ahead and placed Dynamat on pretty much everything. That made a huge difference of giving me a nice quiet ride. At the same time I ripped out all the factory speakers and had them replaced. My current setup is,

    Head unit: Factory navigation,
    Speakers Front: Orion Co552
    Speakers Rear: Orion Co500
    Sub in sealed enclosure: Orion hcca104
    Amp: Alpine pdx-5

    I'm guessing I'm running decent gear, but if you all see room to improve please post. I would like to hear them.

    Thanks for reading this long post.

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    Can anyone help??:unsure: