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  1. rep

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    yes i just boght a 7 inch dvd cd player at the flea market i cant locate the brand it is the radio sounds good but when i play a cd or put the sd card in it sounds messed up it plays the cd dvd but the voice sounds real high pitched can anyone help or just let me kno what u thimk is wrong with it thank u
  2. TheViking

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    Key word......flea market.....

    Sorry rep......this issue is beyond the scope of this site. I would return it...if possible. It sounds like an internal problem with the unit from what you have described. just my opinion.....
  3. Klinkster

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    Flea market stuff is usually the lowest grade crap on the planet, hence why you can't find a name on it.

    It was prolly something built in a back alley in chinatown with used taiwanese parts.

    Good luck trying to return it. :)
  4. TE5LA

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    Anything with an SD card slot is cheap. Major manufacturers don't put those on head units.