NEED help please, dont want to build a new box

Discussion in 'Subwoofer Box and Custom Fabrication' started by mkulikowski, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. mkulikowski

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    I have a box now I am looking to toss new subs into, after countless nights of trying to learn how this works. I have completed the math I have a vented box with a 5.07^ft gross volume. and about 4.55^ft net. Tuned at about 38hz. I am wanting to buy a pair of new 15s to put in this box but they ask for 3^ft per sub. And with my current box I am giving them around 2.4^ft per sub. Being that my box is vented what will this do to my subs, will if be harmful? Please answer if you know I really dont want to spend more money and have to build a new box
  2. pedro quiroga

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    thats not enough volume. it will not sound good at all. what you might be able to do is make a new baffle and use some 12's. that may work for you.