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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by CircuitedMom, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Back in 1996, I bought the Bose Lifestyle 5. It came with the music center, the Acoustimass bass module, and two cube speaker arrays. We’ve been happy with the system and use it with our TV and cassette deck. The problem is the music center plays CDs, but not ones that I have recorded. It would be nice if it would play songs from an mp3 player or from a flash drive.
    I wish to replace the music center, but want to get something that will work with the bass module and speakers that I have, as well as play all CDs, have hookups for the TV and cassette deck, and play music from an mp3 player and/or flash drive.
    Does anyone have any good advice or recommendations?
  2. CircuitedMom

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    I contacted the Bose corporation and received an email that the Acoustimass Bass Module that comes with my system is only compatible with the Lifestyle 5 music center. It is not compatible with other media centers. They did suggest connecting an mp3 player output to the auxillary using a stereo RCA-to-1/8-inch Y cable.
    I am thinking that maybe I should look into connecting a cd player that I can use an mp3 player or flash drive with. Any suggestions with that?
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    Ipod, yoou cannot go wrong with an ipod
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    My son has an IPod, I have an Insignia Pilot, and my husband has a plain mp3 player. We all have recorded CDs. I was thinking about something that would work for all three of us.
    I also haven't advanced as much as technology and really do not fully use my Insignia. I don't even have playlists or anything like that yet. I guess I could learn, put my CDs onto it, and then just get an adapter for my Insignia and everyone is just stuck listening to my wonderful music. :D

    Sounds like more work than I want to tackle right now.
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