My 1st box and I'm in over my head.

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    Ok so I build a box for my car I took the back seat out of the car and put in two bucket seats. and build a box to come down the center of the car build for 3 12's this has been in the car for a few years now. But I blew one of my woofers and have got some new ones and wanted to port the box for the new ones but I don't even know where to start with a port I have no clue even as to how much air space this bax has I don't understand the math to figure it out.. I have attached a photo with all the info I could if some of you pro's could take a look and tell me how to A build it better or B the best way to port it and if anyone could please tell me how much airspace the box has. and look at the woofer specs and tell me what I need to do any help at all thanks

    Edit: I see the photo is kinda small here is a link to full photo

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    Interesting design. Depending on the accuracy of your measurements, your box is between 3.9 to 4.0 cu ft.

    Hopefully all the speakers share the same air space. If not, porting is not going to happen. Individually (if divided) the boxes would be to small for porting.

    If the box is just one big box (all speakers share the same air space) then we can port it. The port would need to be 9.5-inches wide by 3-inches tall. The length of the port should be 10-inches. I would place the port on the front of the box and low, for best performance.