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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by Adrian, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Adrian

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    well fellas i was on my way 2 work as usal i was at a corner then i turned pass throught this street i always go through this this guy that doesnt like me so i always turn the gain up on my amp 2 set his alarm off i love that well wen i did that 2day as i went further along the road my amp jus shut off i was like wtf it was a pertty hot day so i said it probaly going in thermal protection a lil later it turned back on i was heell yea but then turned off it did that like 5 times i pulled up at work touched my amp wasnt hot or no bad smell then i poped the hood and i saw that the fuse box was melted on the sides i was like holy **** wat can cause that
  2. cccullen

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    how far is the fuse away from your battery? If you add up the fuse sizes in your amps what does it add up to? also, how big of a fuse are you using near the battery?
  3. psycho_maniac

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    i wish i could tell if my system sets car alarms off. nobody has one around here and i know you can hear my system for about 5 mins away....anyways on subject. i had the same thing happen but my problem was the intake on my eclipse the fuse bumped out of place and ended up laying on that and melted the fuse. it was weird cuz the amp fadded off.
  4. Adrian

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    well the fuse is about 1ft away fomr the terminal and im using a 100amp fuse my amp has 40amp x3
  5. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    did your wiring look like this?

    this kid had his wiring too loose in its fuse holder. actually all his wiring was loose. i helped him by going thru all his connections and tightening them.
  6. aznboi3644

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    bad connection can cause high resistance which builds up heat pretty quickly when pulling a lot of current
  7. Ranger SVO

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    100% right, the connection, for one reason or another, became resistive. Try a different type of fuse holder.
  8. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    or go thru your install and make sure all your conections are tight.

    even the power and ground on his sub amp were loose as hell. 3 full turns on the ground alone to get it nice and tight. made me cringe.
  9. electrolytic

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    I agree bad connection is higher resistance and causes heat but that picture sure looks to me like he burned the plastic coating with a torch trying to solder which didn't work either. The wire is not brown or burnt or crunchy, probably just came loose from his connector. If he soldered it properly all that bare wire would have been tinned.
  10. G3n3R@1

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    one thing ive noticed on some fuse holders and im sure its dependent on the wire as well, whenever you first tighten them down they seem tight but after some vibrations get to it the strands of wire kinda work their way around inside the terminal. so i always make sure to tighten everything again shortly down the road and check periodically.
  11. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    that happened at the show or was gonna happen soon after. no soldering involved just bad install.