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    CVX vs Solo X


    Solo X's.... Aren't going to be around much longer. And the CVX's are a Natural to TH's - the X's didn't like TH's..

    The 4 CVX 15's met and exceeded the performance of the X's in every way as TH's vs our 'large low tune" recommended ported enclosure for the X's at max power with only 1kw per driver.

    IOW these are a FAR more accessible driver - and system combination. The system requirements lead it to be something 'everyman' could aspire to.

    Did you see that F/R? Un Equalized. 135dB from 4 1kw 15's is INSANE. And this enclosure had exceptional acoustic reactance.

    There were literally DOZENS of old school car guy's who didn't think it could Possibly sound good - who came away Flabbergasted at how good it sounded.


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    08-17-11, 10:41 PM

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    We'll send you the Solo X models. CVX's are superior in every way outside of thermal power handling for TH's.

    That - and we wanted to develop TH's around drivers relatively affordable so the average Joe could build TH's with phenomenal performance for less than the price of a 'bargain' sub-woofer...

    That, and Solo X's are being discontinued. Don't share that information, please.
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    Jordan! Why are you all of a sudden interested in Kickers? Why not run Vosberg Auto & Sound subs?! haha jk but really... I had a 12" solo-x and I really wasnt all that impressed. I built a little 15 that was up to par with the X, but the 15 wasnt near as expensive as the X. Especially if you are getting them for Sonic's price then eff that! I sold my 12 for like $200. Idk, its just my opinion... I hate everything mainstream!
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    man idk jonny i love my solo x maybe its the box i have it in but dam that bass is intense lol
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    wow, two year old

    R.I.P to jordan as well. :(
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    Has anyone got a spare 1960s style, I can best describe it as a tent guy rope rope adjuster that would be suitable for a Solo kicker. Its a flat plate, not sure what it is made of, with a hole at either end. If I cant buy one I will make one if someone can lend me one to copy or send me a photo or a diagram with measurements. Thanks.