Kenwood Park Brake KVT-614

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    I recently bought a Kenwood KVT-614 with the G510 navigation add-on. I bought those two items from as together they were around $900 (Crutchfield wanted $1350 for the package). I called Crutchfield and ordered the mount and the wiring harness for my car separate.

    My car is a 2003 Dodge Stratus SXT two door Coupe (7 Speaker). I installed my last head unit (XDM6350) which turned out be, well, shi*. So I am not a 'newbie' per se. I can wire the harnesses myself and adding the GPS navigation through the fuse box and into the system itself shouldn't be too hard, but I ran into a problem.

    The DVD head unit instructs me connect the park brake detector wire. I do not know what this is or where to connect it. I'm interested in just groundking that wire to bypass that completely (and be able to watch DVD's while not parked (with the brake engaged). I know this is illegal and unsafe. In any case, I want to know what I'm supposed to do if grounding it doesn't work.

    If simply grounding that wire does not bypass the brake detection, I am not concerned about trying to bypass it further.

    Assuming the bypass does not work, what and where do I connect the brake detection wire? To wire it legit.

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    When I bought my Kenwood (KVT 512) I had to get a parking brake by-pass. It was about $20 and comes with instructions as to where the wires go and how to program it. It was a really simple install.