Installing Sony Xplod 1000w amp with Sony Xplod deck.

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by valestrom, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I have a Sony Xplod deck in my car, and my brother recently gave me his 1000w Sony Xplod Amp, and his 10" Clairon subwoofer. I spent all day yesterday wiring it into my 1990 probe. After all of it I found out something with my remote cable to my amp is messed up. Here's what happens.

    With Remote Cable connected to deck and amp:
    - Deck will stay on intro screen
    - Can't choose a source
    - Can't adjust volume
    - Can't truly start the deck

    With Remote Cable disconnected from deck:
    - Everything works fine.

    This has me really stumped, I have the wire running straight back to my amp and connected, the only thing I could think is somehow I connected it wrong, but nonetheless, it's something wrong with the remote cable and I don't quite understand what to do with it.

    Here's some pics/descriptions

    The Deck: Sony Xplod Cdx GT-300
    Deck at an online store

    The Amp: Sony Xplod XM-3001SXD
    Amp at online store

    Connection to deck:
    Uses a banana clip exactly like the one in the picture to the "remote" hole on the deck. I think this is the right connector to use, please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Connection to amp: Simple twisted wire into the remote hole, used the button to lock in the cord.

    If anyone can explain how to fix the situation where while the remote is plugged in I can't control the deck, and the amp isn't even on would be great.
  2. pedro quiroga

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    your remote turn on is usually a BLUE wire in the harness.

    what you have pictured looks like some kind of wired remote to control the head unit from a wired remote. i think.