IAC problem?

Discussion in 'Car Repair' started by xratede, May 8, 2009.

  1. xratede

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    MAF, spark plug or IAC problem?

    Ok, I have a 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante (DOHC) V6 and I took out my battery to install new headlight bulbs. When I re-installed my battery my car cranked right up but died instantly. it would only stay on if I rev the engine up a few times. after messing with the battery cables I called my uncle and he told me it may be the mass air flow sensor so i cleaned it with the cleaner and same results. Then a guy from autozone told me it may be the Idle Air control valve that is dirty. the only problem with that is I dont know where this part is located/or if this is really the problem. car runs great but it is annoying when starting it back up. any ideas?????

    PS. If i let the car sit for a few hours it starts right up, but if I cut it off then try to start it again, it does the same thing.

    Also NOTE:Even before this started, car rough idled during stops or would shut off if I did not have the AC on
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  2. pedro quiroga

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    maybe there is a loose or broken vacuum hose somewhere. does your engine light come on at all.
  3. xratede

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    yeah my uncle said it may be the Mass air flow sensor caus eit cut off as soon as I turn the AC on. The engine light comes on sometimes when it idle down low
  4. bgmike

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    IAC is usually under the throttle body , check all the hoses and intake tube they may have cracks or hole and make the car choke and die. the maf sensor controls you fuel and air so it could be bad but they usually dont fail, does your maf have like a flapper door? if so it might be getting stuck. go to like auto zone and they can tell whats wrong if you get a check engine light if you cant figure it out
  5. xratede

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    Another guy told me it may be something with my Computer under my glove box, cause when I disconnected the batt. it may have thrown it off
  6. pedro quiroga

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    so was this fixed or ......?
  7. xratede

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    no not fixed yet, checked hoses and batt cables, engine light only comes on when ac is off while driving on the higway and thats only sometimes
  8. WilliamMaw

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    well i found out they have the securtiy code hidden in your car. when i called them up they told me where and now everythign works perfect
    thanks guys