How the heck do headphones produce such good bass!

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by Fbmowner, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Fbmowner

    Fbmowner Full Member

    Ive asked my self this for YEARS and now im finally looking for a legit answer.
    All i can think of is since the speakers are so close to your ears these tiny speakers only move veryyy little but have very good response.
  2. cork1958

    cork1958 Full Member

    I've often thought the very opposite. Any headphones I've ever had before sounding tinny as heck, which is why I've never used them.

    Bought myself a good pair of Radio Shack wireless headphones, according to reviews anyway, a few years ago, and they actually DO have pretty good bass response. Actually use them even!!

    In fact,
    I liked them enough to buy myself another pair of the same headphones for other stereo in basement and a pair for the kid in his room.

    Now awaiting answer to your question!!
  3. monster71

    monster71 Full Member

    Check out the Skull Crushers. Now they have bass. They even have a small in line amp. I think they have something that vibrates in each ear cup. They r sweet. I bought a pair from for $33. They have them at Best Buy but r $79. But at least u can try them out. Other than those I am always dissapointed with headphone bass. But u really can expect much bass from something so small. IMHO.
  4. pedro quiroga

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