help on wiring radio!!!

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by tacos, May 25, 2012.

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    i just got my first car, it came with a newish radio, but lets just say the guy was pretty dumb...all the wires were connected, but none of them were covered by anything, so it shorted out and turned off every time you hit a bump...also the radio hung out a 1/4 of the way

    on the very left, that connector goes to nothing...should i cut those wires? the next shows that its not supposed to connect to anything


    this looks like its supposed to have a metal piece in the middle...a little wire is hanging out in the middle if you cant see it..would i have to buy a new piece?

    also what do you guys reccomend to cover the connections?shrink rubber stuff ok?
  2. Ranger SVO

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    The wires should be soldered or you should use butt connectors with crimpers.

    The connector in the picture is a cheepie designed to fit more than one car. Don't cut it off, more problems cutting it than leaving it.