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    Hi everyone

    I want to install a pretty decent stereo and i know nothing when it comes to
    stereo slang. I know a little about quality but i dont know about power needed to run a stereo and wiring ect.
    Firstly i have a honda civic hatchback 97 model
    i have a jvc 12" sub still in box
    1 x Rockford fosgate amp PUNCH p4004
    1 x Rockford Fosgate amp PUNCH 60.2 and i am thinking of getting some Rock Fosgate speakers power t1693 6x9
    i need a new dash head one that can play ipods and info on wiring i should use. i guess you can tell im a chick but i want quality. Also whats the difference with splits and should i buy them. I'm not interested in blowing out the windows but just simply want a good sound. Thanks heaps
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    Hey Decidela,

    What JVC sub are you running? I do not think the RF 60.2 is going to be as much power as you want going to the sub. It's a 30 x 2 amp which basically means your running a 2-channel amp with 30 watts going to each channel.

    For 1 12" sub I would recommend at least 300 watts. If you wanted to stay with Rockford Fosgate Punch series, they have a 300 watt amp called P300-1 for about $320 new.

    As for the power series speakers, I wouldn't go with anything else! I'm running the T1652-S which is just the component version of those. (I'm assuming the P400-4 is being run to your speakers since it's a 4-channel amp)

    At my shop we typically work with Stinger wiring, you can view their products at I would recommend them for all your Accessories as well. Such as fuses, fuse holders, wiring etc.

    JVC makes some pretty nice head units, and Eclipse has suddenly swept the market. One of those brands would be my recommendation.
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    Thanks for you help
    I havn't yet installed anything i noted all is still in thier box or packed away, i want to have evrything i need before installing bits and pieces, thus joining a forum, the sub is a
    jvc cs-gd4300 750w and i was told by a friend years ago that i can run the 60.2 for the front speakers and the other amp for the back and sub, what do you think?
    as for the t163 i will go ahead and buy them,
    Once again Thanks