Has anyone heard of Staub speakers?

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by wild-bill, Sep 7, 2010.

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    I've had a powered sub for years, and finally decided to replace my 4 space robbing old school floor speakers with bookshelf speakers hung on the wall. I bought a pair of Polk T15s at Best Buy-they sound great-especially for $110. The receiver powering them is a Harman Kardon stereo-not surround home theater. I found some Staubs on Craigslist for $20. There is almost no info on the net about Staubs after doing a Google search. But for that price, why not? They have metal cases, are very heavy, are about 8 inches tall, and have 3.5 inch woofers. They sound really good-almost as good as the Polks---for $20-----But there is a catch. They're not very efficient at all. With all 4 speakers on, you can barely hear them with the Polks. There is no way to balance between front and rear-it's just on or off for each set of speakers. Here is a pic of one hung high on the wall. I cut the angled wooden block so they would be aimed down.



    Polk T15 sitting on top of the speaker it replaces. The wall mount brackets I ordered should be here this week.

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    I never heard of em, but here is the company site:


    Looks like they're Canadian. Maybe some Canadian members here know of them?

    To me they look like older bookshelf speakers (late 80s or early 90s?) .

    As for the power issue, that is your receiver. You said it is a non-surround stereo receiver so if you are powering your A and B channel together, the Amp power is divided between both channels. Having four speakers on isn't gonna give you surround sound, its just gonna give you stereo in four speakers instead of two.

    The only reason I could see having a B channel is if you want to power speakers in some other room like the basement or garage.
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    Hi Klinkster. I switched the speakers, and the same result-Polks are probably 10db louder. I don't think it's the receiver. Every time I had 4 speakers playing, they were always about the same level. Until the Staubs were hooked up. I'm gonna put them on Craigslist and see what I can get for them. Today I won an auction on Ebay from the Polk Direct store. Got a refurburished set of Polk TSi 200s. They're a little big to hang on the wall but gonna give it a try. I've always liked 4 speakers with a stereo receiver. Just a personal preference. Similar to the car system-4 speakers and 2 channel stereo.

    To me there's no benefit in getting a surround receiver. All of the music I listen to is recorded in 2 ch stereo. When I watch TV or a movie, I don't care about picture or sound quality-I kept many of my VHS tapes and the VCR. But with music, I do care about how it sounds.
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    sounds more like an efficiency issue. they do look nice for 20 bucks. too bad they didn't work for you.

    im a polk fan too. whole mid/high set up in my truck is polk.
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    Yes the little T15 bookshelves I got a few weeks ago made me a Polk fan. Can't wait until the TSi200s come in. I took the Staubs down yesterday.
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    Low efficiency and/or high impedence can definitely give you low output...I have a pair of bose 401 floor standers...These speakers sound very very good...I believe they are 89-91 db efficiency but are 4 ohm impedence...they play plenty loud and plenty clean...They were my main speakers on the house system for quite a while....

    I know what you mean about 2 ch stereo...I do love my HT set-up as I get a lot of the little details in the movies, but 2 channel stereo gives a very pleasing sound as well...When I run my sansui integrated amp thru my bose speakers with EQ defeated and my onkyo disc player...everything sounds very very sweet...music, movies, TV, etc...
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    I love my Bose 401s as well! :)
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    What do you think of the 401's?

    I gotta tell ya...most people who never actually hear them, look down on them, but in my opinion, they are some very sweet sounding speakers...I get a very smooth sound all around with plenty of detail without harshness...I really like them and for the money I spent on them, I think they are a darn nice speaker...I can't believe the low end they have with such small drivers...
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    Hey Bill,

    Do you still have those Staub speakers? I'm the V.P. of Sales @ Staub Electronics in Canada and I've been trying to track down a pair of these. If you still have them, and want to sell them, I'd be very interested and grateful.

    You can get in touch with me at scott@staub.ca


    Scott Trotter
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    Harman Kardon is BMW's # sterio brand.Harman Kardon is sopos to be a very good brand but i have no personal experiance with them ( im not on my phone so i dont have spell check lmao, so pardon the spelling)
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    I am working on my home surround sound set up right now. Craigslist has been an invaluable tool for finding items on the cheap when you are building on a budget. It has also allowed me to experiment with different speaker set ups for my home theater installation. Either way, I find if I purchase it and do not see it right away, I will eventually find a use for them.
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