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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by sandt38, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. sandt38

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    This is great news. Very highly regaurded home theater mfg Denon is introducing very, very nice gear ant very nice prices. From $170 for a high end DVD player to $300 for a reciever!!!

    The DVD2200 is highly regaurded as one of the best by HT afficondos. It delivers >$3000 DVD performance for a grand, and their new line offers even more for less!!!

    Simply stunning!!! But this is more likely to find itself in my rack when it is released (anyone want a Elite DV45A? :) )

    see here for details of this stunning lineup!!!
  2. The_Ancient

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    now i know why I will never get in to HT, when "budget" is considered $1200 :blink:

    to be "budget" is the $50 APEX walmart model ;)
  3. sandt38

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    LOL... Budget is high end progressive scan DVD for $169. Even better is "$269.00. With DVI-D (HDCP) digital video output and selectable scaling, 480p, 720p, or 1080i, and features the new Faroudja FL12301 DCDi chipset." The picture quality of 720p is stunning, and 1080i is unbelieveable. $269 for that capability is a steal!!!

    And that's nothing. You need to look into the prices on Meridian, and Goldmund, amoung others. You're talking $24,000 CD players, $10,000 record players, and $30,000 pre-amps.
  4. DerrikW

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    Hmmm! A DV45 would replace my DV656 just nice. :baby:
  5. DerrikW

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    This is off topic but, oh well. This isn't a question, just stating my dilemma. I currently have an 811. Heres where it gets tricky. I can't decide if I wanna just keep the 811 and add a 5 channel parasound, or replace the 811 with a 53 or 55 tx. The 811/parasound combo will probably have more power than the 53 or 55 will. And will probably sound just as good. But on the other hand, MCACC is almost too tempting to pass up. Hell I just don't know. Didn't mean to take it off topic Seth but, I felt like complaining.
  6. sandt38

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    I love my VSX45Tx.

    The VSX55Txi really offered little improvement over the 45, so comparison is pretty close. The auto cal set-up really is spectacular. I don't recall if the 53 has the auto or if it is manual though, you may want to check that out. Plus you need to keep in mind the Elite will offer pass through for multi-channel music. While I am not a big fan of DVD-A I am a fan of SACD.

    There is only 1 way the 45 will find it's way out of my rack, and that is when I have the funds to buy the Anthem Statement D1, or their AVM20 (which right now can be found really cheap, relative to their asking cost anyways). Of course, I will have to have my BUtlers first, so that is a ways off... unless this lottery ticket... :p
  7. DerrikW

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    Don't forget the Krell Master Reference monoblocks. $150,000 a piece.

    Definately agree about the Anthem equip. Very nice stuff, very nice price tag too. :unsure:

    I still have visions of a lexicon mc-1 dancing in my head. What is the new one? MC-8, found it.